Best Fake Phone Number Generator Tools

Today, every social media account is linked to one another and the strange thing is that providing phone numbers is essential while creating an account. However, giving your personal contact number on social media accounts means saying goodbye to your privacy. Not only this, but numerous online platforms such as job portals, dating apps, classifieds, and shopping sites also require phone numbers to update you.

To save from these situations, the simplest solution is to generate a fake phone number and use it for online requirements. With a fake phone number, you can easily enter the number in the respective field, verify this number, and proceed.

But, how can you generate a fake phone number? Let’s disclose the 15 best fake phone number generator tools to help you create a mobile number for social use.

What is a Fake Phone Number?

Fake phone numbers are virtual numbers that can be created through numerous applications and online sites to use them temporarily. Although these are the realist numbers, which are purchased from providers for a few times. Unlike the real and registered numbers, these phone numbers can also be used to send or receive text messages and make phone calls. But, you have access to these numbers for a limited period.

How Can a Fake Phone Number Be Used?

You might face some situations where you do not want to use your personal phone numbers. This is the time you need a fake phone number. Some of the most common situations are mentioned underneath:

  • Calling or texting someone anonymously
  • Verifying an account
  • Posting a classified ad
  • Calling live TV show
  • Publishing contact information on a website
  • For investigation purposes

List of 15 Most Reliable Fake Phone Number Generating Tools

  • Fake Number
  • Randomlists
  • Hushed
  • Burner App
  • Country Code
  • Get New Identity
  • Cover Me
  • Dollar Digits
  • Fake Person Generator
  • Fake Phone Number Generator
  • SMS-Man
  • Line2
  • Spikko
  • Fake Phone Number
  • Get Fake Data

Fake Number

Since its name depicts, Fake Number is an online tool that enables you to generate a random phone number to use for any purpose. However, this online tool makes sure to generate a unique number that is not used anywhere before. Thus, the number created by this tool is absolutely safe to use.

Nonetheless, you can use this number to make calls and send text messages either to a person or a company. Moreover, these fake numbers can be used to keep your personal information secure while filling out an online form.

These random numbers are purchased from telephone companies that are assigned on a temporary basis. Yet, the company does not allocate the numbers under the present law forces.


Next on the list is Randomlists, which specifically generates numbers of the US. This online website offers multiple tools to generate random things such as words, movies, zip codes, addresses, people’s names, and even common things. Anyhow, staying particularly on the random phone numbers. This platform creates fake phone numbers that can be used for multiple purposes. But, keep in mind, that they are not genuine or registered numbers. The objective of these numbers is to only provide them for fake information; for instance, online portals, account registration, or signup verification, etc.

However, talking about the user-friendliness of this online tool_ this website is absolutely very easy to use for every person. All you need to do is to visit the website and it will automatically generate a couple of fake numbers for you. This tool does not require any of the user’s information or details. Every time you visit the site, you’ll get new unique numbers.


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Here comes the tool that offers fake numbers for temporary and permanent, Hushed. Yet, it works a bit differently. Since this online website is paid, you can use the permanent fake number as long as you are paying for the services per month. In addition to this, Hushed is known for its end-to-end encryption while talking to other users. This feature makes this platform the most reliable and popular.

This is the most secure app or tool on the list that keeps your identity confidential, which is a great option if you don’t want to disclose your identity. Moreover, whether you get a temporary or a permanent number, you can dispose of them as soon as you are done using them. You are not required to provide any credit card details. Yet, all you need to do is to sign up, make payment, and get a random number. Hushed is considered the most affordable fake number generating tool.

Burner App

Another one of the smartest and most renowned online platforms is explicitly designed for the users who have to communicate with different people frequently to manage their data. This website is known as Burner App, which allows you to get any random number and use it for making phone calls, sending voice and text messages, etc.

Burner App is a secure and fast way to get private numbers instantly and use them for Android or iOS devices. You can save numbers on your phone and use this random number normally. Nonetheless, the Burner App is considered a rapidly-growing forum in the US that helps you with real-time messages within the privacy.

Country Code

Country Code also generates fake and random numbers but it identifies the current country and creates a number of your residence. When you visit the website, you need to select your region and it will automatically generate a virtual number right away.

You can use this platform to get toll-free numbers and market your services. however, once you have entered all the required data in the fields, select a 3-minute activation time and get a fake number immediately.

Get New Identity

Get New Identity has become a global network for providing virtual phone numbers to a large number of the population. Since it has expanded its community, this website is not only popular for generating phone numbers, but also provides fake ID card numbers, addresses, emails, and a lot of other services as well.

When you visit the site, the website would already enlist ten phone numbers. You can pick any of them and test them for your satisfaction. You can use these phone numbers for any legal work where your phone number is required. However, this website is only restricted and provided numbers of US and India, that’s why it is highly used by Indian citizens.

Cover Me

Cover Me is a downloadable application available for both Android and iOS devices. This app is end-to-end encrypted that makes it completely safe to use. Thus, it helps you to keep your data safe while calling anyone through its virtual number. Cover Me offers six versatile features including private calling, texting, messaging, vault, disguise, and hide.

Private calling is a highly safe feature that cannot be traced and no one can listen to the conversation. Similarly, private messages contain an automatic destruct in which you can set the timer and it will delete all relevant messages from your phone. The private vault keeps your images and other documents safe from the eyes of hackers. It doesn’t allow anyone to access your files unless entering the pass code. The disguise and hide features hide your apps.


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Dollar Digits

Another fake phone number generating tool on the list, which is not a free app; Dollar Digits that enables you to generate fake phone numbers to use them for various purposes where you cannot use your personal phone number. These virtual numbers are essentially generated for such situations where you could use them to either make calls or send SMS or MMS.

This online platform offers a friendly interface to every user. However, all you need to do is to pick the area and country code, and you will get a completely unique and unused number instantly. Remember, it is a paid application which requires a certain fee per month. You will access its services for as long as you continue to pay for it.

Fake Person Generator

The Fake Person Generator offers a variety of fake phone numbers that allow you to generate them within seconds. It offers customized phone numbers for your area in a few seconds. Nevertheless, other than fake phone numbers, the Fake Person Generator provides you random street address, code m and latitude and longitude addresses as well.

Fake Phone Number Generator

This online platform is specifically designed for software testing and verification objectives. Usually, this tool is used by Software companies to get their work done the right way. The Phone Number Generator is tremendously easy to use and delivers ten fake phone numbers. You can click any of them and it will be generated within seconds.

You can utilize these phone numbers for testing purposes only because it is specifically designed for it. you cannot use these numbers for other objectives. But, it is advised to use them for software testing only.


SMS-Man is used for purchasing and getting virtual phone numbers on rent at extremely reasonable rates. This online tool offers phone numbers of more than 180 regions with a number of other services. However, you need to register on this website, make payments, via suitable methods, and get instant fake phone numbers.

SMS-Man only provides fake phone numbers for a few periods that will expire after some time. This website also offers its own Windows application in order to buy multiple random numbers at once. When you are done using these numbers, you can simply dispose of them.


You want to make business calls, SMS, voice messages, but not from your personal number? Line2 is the solution to get an extra, yet anonymous phone number. This online tool provides you a second number of your choice to help you use for personal or professional use. You can use this tool on your smartphone, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches.

It is mostly used by businessmen, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who have to communicate with multiple clients.  These phone numbers can be used as a regular number and you can make calls and send messages.


Spiko is a fake phone number generating application, which is available in the Android play store only. This application provides a fake number of 50+ different countries. Through Spikko, you can get more than one fake phone number and make calls through them.

Fake Phone Number

Another top-of-the-line virtual number creator is Fake Phone Number tool, which is getting popular amongst thousands of its users and subscribers. This application helps you get another phone number without registering yourself. However, you need to pick the country and the regions of which you’d like to obtain the number. It is an amazing tool for getting a new number with the blink of an eye and using it for numerous objectives.

Get Fake Data

Get Fake Data is particularly an Indian fake phone number generating tool that provides a list of phone numbers of Indian codes. However, you have the option to acquire virtual phone numbers of more than 60 regions and use them for any purpose just like a regular number.

Final Words

So, this was the list of the best 15 fake phone number generator tools that are 100% safe and secure to use for multiple purposes. You can use these unique numbers for making business calls, job profiles, dating apps, or even verifying your accounts. If you are scared of exposing your personal number on social media or online sites, then you can generate a fake phone number within a few seconds. Nonetheless, you can only access these numbers for a short period and it will be disposed of once you are done using them.

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