Best Prank Apps To Fool Your Friends

Prank Apps that helps To make a Fool to Your Friends

In the modern era, where everything imaginable has become digital, making prank calls has also followed suit. Since the inception of prank apps, users have enjoyed new features to their prank calls, making them more dynamic and creative.

Did you know there are apps today that can simulate a prank call? These apps play automated prerecordings to fool your friends once they answer the phone! Others can transform your speaking voice, helping to avoid getting caught during a live call.

No matter how you slice it, there has never been a better time to make a prank over the phone. Below are our top prank apps for the start of 2021.


This hilarious prank call simulator originated from the famous youtube channel OwnagePranks. In addition to being considered prank calling pioneers for the era of social media, their app happens to be the most comprehensive prank caller available today.

Even your most skeptical friends will be fooled, as the app sends automated prerecordings that uses speech recognition Ai during every call. Prerecordings offer a tonne of fun scenarios – a noise complaint from a neighbour or an angry car driver accusing you cutting him off. Some prerecordings also provide various accents, making prank calls even more convincing.

When making prank phone calls, your anonymity is guaranteed every time. As the app provides you with a Caller ID, this ensures your personal details remain hidden no matter how many times you prank call the same person.


  • Well over 100 prerecorded calls with new scripts added weekly
  • Calls landline and mobile numbers
  • Many prank scripts offer various accents
  • Calls are saved to your profile section, letting you listen again right after
  • Choose a script, select your contact and press call. Its that easy!


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Celebrity Voice Changer – Sound

Celebrity Voice Changer – Sound gives users a vast selection of choices to trick their buddies during a phone call. If you’re typically recognized because you have a distinct speaking voice or have familiar speech patterns, this app is a great way to avoid detection.

This prank app offers the ability to transform your speaking voice into your favourite celebrity. To do so, you’ll have to make a recording beforehand as voice changes aren’t applicable during live calls. After making your prank recording, you will have access to various A-listers, including Harry Styles, Kanye West, and Drake. Modified recordings can be played during a prank call or voice message sent online.

So what makes this voice changer different from the others? We recommend this app due to its vast selection, and the developers consistently striving for improvement.

Like OwnagePranks, the app contains Deep Learning Technology which continually learns from hearing celebrities talk. While voices offered aren’t perfect, the Ai grants the app room to grow, perfecting the impersonations of your favourite celebrities. So while it may not be the finished article now, we bet soon it’ll be the only voice changing app you need.


  • Fool friends into thinking their favourite or most hated celebrity is calling
  • Transform your speaking voice to sound like Hulk Hogan, Drake, Donald Trump and many more
  • To start applying voice effects, use their record function to make a prerecording first.


If you spend a considerable amount of time on youtube like me, you may have come across the hilarious youtube channel known as FunnyMike. Known as a comedian and rapper, this YouTuber is also causing a storm with his own prank caller app.

This app provides various prank options, making it quite versatile. Pranks involve letting users send fake phone calls, video calls and fake live chats with FunnyMike on the other line. Switch between options to make the practical joke even more enjoyable.

Besides FunnyMike, you’ll also be able to fool friends with other famous social media stars, such as Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio and many more. As the app’s developers are continually providing updates, expect to see more tik-tok and youtube stars in the future.


  • Choose between using a fake phone call, video call and live chat featuring FunnyMike to fool your friends
  • Other social media stars can also available
  • No hidden charges, download for free in the app store

So there you have it! All three apps provide their unique solutions in fixing bad prank calls, with cool features guaranteed to fool your friends and family. Although many prank simulators and voice changers are already out there, we consider these staples for anyone new to pranking.

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