Winter Must-Haves For Your Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang celebrates its 56th birthday in 2020. The car debuted at New York’s World’s Fair in 1964. It quickly earned its iconic status, getting starring roles in the Bond movies and other car movies of the decade. It’s a dream car that should get TLC for the winter months. Whether you’re storing your car through the colder season or keeping it out for some weekend drives, you’ll want to winterize it. Ford Mustang car covers offer many benefits during the winter.

Winter Maintenance

It’s no fun washing a car in the cold. Give your Mustang one last wash and wax to protect it all winter. If you plan to continue driving it, look for an underside protectant that protects the undercarriage from salt and winter chemicals. Take your Mustang in for a brake check. Your car needs every advantage to avoid skidding around on the snow and ice. Have the heating and cooling system checked, too. If you’re storing your Mustang, get a battery tender to charge it all season. If you plan to keep driving, check your battery because the cold can wreak havoc and leave you stranded if the battery is on its last legs.

Out Door Car Cover Buying Guide

Even if you don’t plan on storing your car, an outdoor car cover can protect your Mustang during the winter season. You can leave the cover on your car while you’re at work or another event to keep the snow from piling up. Look for a cover that is water resistant with a microfiber underside. You don’t want the cover to scratch your car. The fabric of your car cover should be breathable, so that moisture doesn’t build up under the cover. Use a car cover for storage to protect the paint job against kitty paws, tools and dust. For storage you can’t beat the best tire cover to keep your tires healthy while they’re sitting around doing nothing.

Mustang Winter Month Accessory Guide

If you plan on driving, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for the winter temperatures. Get some Ford floor mats to protect the floor of your car. Snow, ice and chemicals that melt the precipitation cause damage to the car. No need to cause extra wear and tear. Pick up a bag of kitty litter, sand or salt to put in the trunk. It’s easier to steer when there is some weight on the tires. Plus, if you do get stuck, you can use the material for traction.

Depending on where you live, you may want to upgrade to snow tires. At the very least, check the tread on your all-weather tires before driving too much this winter. Grab a scraper for your windshield while you’re puttering in the garage or shopping for other equipment. Toss an extra pair of heavy duty-gloves in your car to have a set on hand when you need them. Stock an emergency kit in the trunk, too. You’ll want a flashlight, first aid kit, a heavy blanket, road flares and a couple of protein bars, just in case you do get stranded somewhere.

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