“Kuku FM- One stop platform for Podcasts and Audiobooks in Indian regional languages”

The sole aim of Kuku FM is to provide the joy of listening. Today, in whatever profession you are, it drains all the energy out making your life monotonous. So here we have Kuku FM. Kuku FM is a platform which provides a wide range of audios in different categories, in different genres, in different languages. With over a Million downloads of the app, we have podcasts, audiobooks, news, courses, quizzes etc. list of genres is never-ending, it includes horror, comedy, informative, thriller, suspense etc. all this is available in different languages including regional language. Kuku FM is a highly customer friendly platform and works according to the needs of listeners. You can easily browse the type of audio and genres you want, besides you can also download audios you like and share it easily.

Kuku FM kicks out your boredom and helps freshen yourself in a short period of time. It saves a lot of time and data. Secondly it is a multipurpose app, it will not only provide entertainment, but you can also learn things like you can learn to speak English, or how to make a podcast or how to start a startup, etc. 

Podcasts and Audiobooks on Kuku FM

Podcasts are so much fun to listen to, you can engage yourself in something so interesting without even wasting time. Podcasting is a free service that allows Internet users to pull audio files from a podcasting website to listen to on their computers or personal digital audio players. Podcasting is blogging when merged with technology. Imagine you are stuck in the traffic, in a long queue, travelling alone, guess who can be your saviour, none other than podcasts. Podcasts are of various types and genres, you can get all of them, Kuku FM is one stop destination for all Indian podcasts. Podcasts are usually short and episodic in nature but the next interesting thing is audiobooks. Audiobooks are meant for people to whom reading is not their cup of tea. As the name suggests books are narrated in an interesting manner so that people can listen to the books instead of reading it whenever and wherever they want. The best thing about the audiobooks on Kuku FM is you will get a summary of the book, an introduction, a synopsis so that you can have an idea of what will be the takeaways from the book and does it interest you or not. 

Kuku FM – A Multilingual Platform 

What makes Kuku FM stand out from ordinary audio companies is it being multilingual. You will only get content in English and Hindi on other websites, but Kuku FM takes care of all. You will get content in regional languages such as Teugu, Tamil, Marathi, Banagali etc. That’s why it is said people of any age or any part of the country will get something on Kuku FM of their interest. For example elder people can listen to spiritual podcasts or holy audiobooks in the language they want, younger people can learn things in their mother tongue so that they can understand the concept easily. So grab the opportunity to listen to podcasts and audiobooks in your mother tongue all for free. You can also download podcasts for free.

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