What To Look Out For When Hiring An SEO Service Provider?

Put your SEO requirement somewhere, and you will get hundreds of applications. The list of SEO service providers is very long. You can easily find an SEO company or consultant on a freelancing site or social media. But the difficult part is to find the best service provider for you. No matter if it is a company, agency, or an individual. But it must be an experienced one. Because as a website owner you expect results from your SEO service provider. Do you want actual results? Then must check these things at the time of hiring an SEO expert.

STEP 1: Basic Factors To Check

Let’s start with the basic factors to check when you are hiring an SEO agency. Most of you may already be familiar with these, but they are equally important as everything else in this post. Pay attention to these and you’ll find a reliable agency to work with.


What is the profile of your SEO service provider? Is it a company, an individual, or a customized in house SEO team? Profile matters a lot when you are hiring an SEO provider.


What experience is good enough to have in your SEO provider? Is it good to hire someone with 5 years of experience? Or do you need a more experienced team? Must find answers to these questions when hiring any service provider.

SEO Plans

The SEO company that you want to hire will have specific SEO packages for you. You can simply use these plans or ask for customized plans. Always check that you are satisfied with their offers or plans or not. 


Pricing is always important, but there are some common mistakes people make with pricing. You will ask for the price or charges for the SEO services. But there is something more important to check with pricing, always ask for transparent terms related to the payment. Always check whether your SEO service provider wants advance payments, full payment, or part-payments. 


A portfolio is a great tool to evaluate all the service providers. Also, be aware of fake portfolios and try to verify whether a portfolio is real or not. 


Are you hiring a renowned SEO service provider? If yes, then it is good to check the reputation of the provider. If it is not a famous SEO company, then still you can check the reputation. You can talk to the previous clients of that company. Also, you can get reviews from market experts. 

STEP 2: Advanced Factors To Check

Now let’s check the advanced factors after you are done with the basics. The list of advanced factors can go long. But here we have included all the major factors in this list. These factors can easily be tracked to check the quality of an SEO company.

Familiarity With Your Business

Always check that the SEO company is familiar with your business or not. For example, if you are a financial organization, then must hire an SEO consultant with familiarity with the finance industry.

Team Members And Their Experience

Try to check how many workers and members an SEO agency has. Also, check the experience of each team member individually.  

List Of SEO Strategies 

Which SEO strategies your SEO provider will use? Ask the provider to show you the list of SEO strategies he/she can use. Are they capable of making customized SEO strategies for you or not?

SEO Tools Used

Many SEO tools are there in the market. But which tools your SEO provider will use for SEO ranking. The tools that you will use make a huge difference to your website optimization.

STEP 3: Ask Questions To SEO Service Provider

Now the last part is to ask questions to your SEO service provider. Getting answers to the below-mentioned questions will help you decide quickly.

How to communicate during an SEO contract?

Ask about the communication methods. Will you communicate with the SEO company via mobile phone or an Email conversation will be good to have? 

What if there are no results with the SEO contract?

In such a situation what an SEO provider will do? They will charge you for a failed SEO strategy or not?

How will SEO work progress be shared?

During an SEO contract, you may want to see the progress. How will service providers share the progress? Whether he shares it via an SEO report or simple written data? Must ask this.

What if a website gets penalized?

A wrong content and SEO strategy can get your website penalized. . Always try to find which service provider has the best portfolio.Ask your SEO service provider about it. 

Let’s Summarize!

All the above three steps are enough to find the best SEO service provider for you. However, it is all upon you to choose any service provider. You can choose one according to your budget and requirements. We always recommend going through these three basic steps. These steps will make sure that your SEO health is in trustworthy hands.

Kishan Rana

Kishan Rana is a SEO Consultant and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years of experience in SEO. He loves Blogging Very Much.

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