What Difference Does It Make If Your Website Is Indexed On Search Engines

Working in the field of search engine optimization, you will realize that there are more than 250 factors that affect your SEO rankings. While a lot of people get busy worrying about if their website is ranking on search engines or not, they forget to first check if their website is visible on the web. Here is what we mean by website visibility and how it can be achieved.

What is website visibility?

Google is a huge search engine. Whatever search you make, Google has got answers. Whether you want information on a law that is decade older or you want to prepare for your science quiz, internet has got it covered right here. There are a lot of websites that are operating on the web. Just like it is difficult for an individual to keep a track of all the best websites in different niches that they make Google searches for, it is difficult for Google to keep a track of all the websites that it can rank on search engines. This is why Google maintains huge databases. These databases contain information of all the websites and web pages that can be shown in search engine results ever. Being visible on search engine does not mean that your website will pop right up when you make a relevant Google search for keywords. It just means that if you do your search engine optimization, you are eligible to rank on the search engine results page. Without an entry in database, it is like you don’t even exist for Google. When you are part of that database, your website is visible on search engines.

How to get visible on search engines?

Google’s visibility is an automated process organized by Google. The process is called Google crawling and indexing. Google has an internet bot that is called Google crawler. The job of this bot is to make sure that it reaches to all the websites on the web. Then this internet bot crawls through all the pages on the website. This information is then forwarded to Google’s database. Then this information is entered in Google’s database. This entry of information in Google’s database is known as Google indexing. This process typically takes 6 hours to 6 weeks. There is no specific time period for it. So if you just created your website, it is recommended that you take out a few days and wait for the process to occur automatically.

How to check if your website is ranked?

If you want to learn if your website is ranked on search engines, there are two ways to go about it. The first way is through making a Google search. Type the following search term and if your website’s pages are shown, it means that your website is ranked.

Site: enter your website’s URL here

The second option is to use an online indexing tool. The job of this tool is to search the search engines for your website’s pages. All you have to do is to enter your website’s URL and wait a couple of seconds. The best part of using an indexing tool is that you can check multiple URLs at once.


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What if your website is not getting indexed?

If you are having trouble getting your website indexed, you don’t have to worry. Google has its Google Search Console. It is a platform for webmasters to connect with Google and resolve their website’s issues. On the search console, add a link to your website and submit your request. You shall be contacted soon. Google will make sure to crawl the URL again.

Another way to make sure that your website gets indexed is to create a sitemap for your website. A website is created when you join a couple of web pages. And just like physical property, websites have blueprints too. Sitemaps are the blueprints of your website. Without sitemaps, Google’s crawler has a difficult time browsing your website.

What difference does it make if your website is indexed on search engines?

Search engine optimization aims are improving your website’s ranking on search engines. But that can’t occur without having a website that is not even visible on search engines. If your aim is to reach out to your audience through Google searches, you should immediately get your website indexed.

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