How to Use Storm’s Emote in Fortnite

If you happen to be a fan of Marvel, then you will have noticed that there is a wealth of content that will be of interest to you in Fortnite. A Fortnite item shop is a place in which many fans can check out a number of their favourite superheroes and supervillains, as well as being a prominent part of the game’s battle pass.

On the subject of battle pass, players who own it are often tasked with completing certain challenges. By doing so, they are able to unlock certain skins, Fortnite weapons, and other features that complement their character on the battlefield. As the awakening challenges themselves are in full swing, there is a certain challenge for Storm.

What is the Storm’s Emote Challenge?

The awakening challenges for Storm culminate in players having to use her emote right in the middle central storm area. It isn’t actually as hard as it sounds in all honesty, but you will still need to be aware of what you are doing of course.

Using the Storm’s Emote in Fortnite

Where you use the Storm’s emote is of course the most important feature of this challenge. Firstly, get to the 60th Battle Pass level to get the challenge. Then, ensure you have the Storm skin equipped before starting it. Naturally, you are also going to have to attempt this challenge with the added variable of other players trying to stop your progress. Team Rumble is a way around this of sorts, since you have the ability to respawn if you need to, and there’s a safe area that the map shows in case you require it.

Storm Sign Location

Having the map up is crucial for this Storm emote challenge, so open it up. You will need to find where the orbit or circle is and determine the location of its center. You will then have to attempt to land there, then watch out for the storm sign underneath you. Keep an eye on this, as it will tell you where you need to be to use Storm’s emote. Therefore, follow the sign to where you should be before performing the emote, and this will finish the challenge to unlock the Storm’s emote.

Fortnite continues to provide a great service to fan not only those who enjoy the Marvel universe but comic book heroes in general. Those who do enjoy the phenomenon of pop culture of comics should make sure that they also keep their eyes peeled on a Fortnite item shop and the Battle Pass. There have been many unique features for several characters so far, and we are looking forward to seeing more of what Epic has to offer. For the time being, there are plenty for you to be checking out as we wait and see which of our favourite characters will grace the game. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how the challenge works too, and you’ve delved into Team Rumble for the Storm emote that you have been looking for.

I hope this walkthrough on where to use Storm’s Emote in Fortnite is helpful. If you need any further information and if you have any suggestions or comment we want to hear from you.

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