Why WordPress is Still the Most Popular CMS?

WordPress, as an online publishing platform, powers more than one-third of the web.  With over 40 million new posts and 60 million comments each month, it has held its position as the most loved CMS worldwide since its launch in 2003.

That’s 17 years of dominating the market and showing the world how it’s done! 

CMS is no longer an option for enterprises, solopreneurs and businesses of any kind. WordPress allows you to harness the full range of possibilities with the option to create blogs, portfolios, online shops, company websites and much more. 

The biggest names in the world like Beyoncé, Tech Crunch and even the White House actively use WordPress today. They obviously must have invested in a WordPress web design service, but the platform remains the same for everyone.

So, what makes WordPress so synonymous with CMS? And why does everyone swarm to it without a second thought?

Let’s dive in. 

Free and Open Source 

The most prominent reason why WordPress works the best is that there are no charges whatsoever to set up your own CMS. The company works towards the motto of democratizing publishing. As per the creator, individuals should have a platform to express their thoughts without any barriers. 

Additionally, being an open-source software, it doesn’t discriminate against any group of people, licences, fields of endeavour or technology. Ready for free redistribution, it allows the users to modify the program and the company to release quick updates. 

A Boon for SEO

WordPress has been structured to boost your SEO efforts. An effective HTML markup and permalinks give you the tools to make your URLs keyword rich. The wide range of plugins allows you to create sitemaps and submit them to Google automatically. You can even make categories, optimize images, title and heading tags to render your pages more SEO-friendly. 

The simple navigation, structured content and immediate responsiveness make it a search-engine favourite. The frequent updates keep the website relevant and credible. WordPress also provides options to create internal links and no-follow attributes that, in turn, strengthen the site map for SEO purposes. 

Easy to Use

WordPress allows you to design a website with the utmost ease without the need for any complicated codes and programs. The dashboard is easily accessible and gives away a plethora of themes, tools and plugins. Developed as a user-friendly platform, the basic setup can be completed within a few minutes.

WordPress uses a free license server software that makes it compatible with both Windows and Linux systems. The PHP, SQL and Javascript technologies make it accessible for all browsers and mobile phones. Built-in blogging features and extended community support make the process easier on the go. 

Multi-User Access

WordPress is optimized for companies of all sizes. Irrelevant of whether you are a start-up or the biggest enterprise in the industry, the multi-user capability allows you to assign different roles to your team members. Segregated access helps define the control model in the organization and keeps your security protocols in check. 

Six default roles are pre-defined on WordPress – Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber. Every position has a different responsibility, which can be added or restricted as per your demand. This feature ensures that your website can be managed remotely and through effective delegation. 

End-To-End Security

Being an open-source environment, WordPress might seem vulnerable to attacks. To battle this out, the company continually updates its security tools to stay one step ahead of notorious hackers. A dedicated security team delivers newer software versions that have a strong reaction to any attempt of unauthorized access. 

The security procedures embedded in the platform scan and detect malware in no time. A dashboard is provided for a comprehensive status update. Out of over 58,000 plugins, many provide you with free security modules that take your game up a notch. 

Unparalleled Content Management

Banking on its most reliable feature, WordPress takes care of the “content” part in CMS almost seamlessly. A visual editor gives you the option to add images, links and more alongside your text. With the Autosave feature, you can be sure that your data is always secure. A workflow can be defined as well to plan, manage and publish your content. 

WordPress allows content publishing with a single button and saves all your revisions for future references. Tags, categories and authors help in neat cataloguing of the content, making it easily searchable for the user and the visitor. A default comment management system lends you control over the acceptance of blog comments and their display. 

Social Media Leverage

Social Media is the platform where all the target audience now resides. Accordingly, pages must be interlinked with social media to guide the consumers to your company website correctly. WordPress allows the integration of such accounts through widgets and plugins. All your social activities can be managed through WordPress itself.

Different plugins and tools offer a wide gamut of features to make your website and posts social-media ready. Such tools lend the power to schedule posts, add bookmarking buttons to your pages and much more. Apps like YouTube and Google Maps are embedded in the platform to help promote your content easily. 

No Barriers to Hosting Providers

To keep WordPress truly democratic, the platform has been developed to be compatible with all major hosting companies. You can easily switch between providers without any major downtime. This allows you to scale your website without worrying about the consequences. A drop in the service or mishandling of traffic and you can be ready to fire your provider. 

Additionally, web hosting is a competitive market; the WordPress platform gives you complete freedom to choose the plan that works the best for you. As any WordPress user would tell, the platform is the true synonym for freedom in CMS and web design. 

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS today and has the prowess to hold its title for the coming years. Thanks to its proactive backend team and unlimited plugin developers, it has become a one-stop-shop for all web-related needs. 

Kishan Rana

Kishan Rana is a SEO Consultant and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years of experience in SEO. He loves Blogging Very Much.

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