How to Increase Brand Awareness for Your Real Estate Agency

When you think of running shoes, what brand names cross your mind?

How about when you’re craving burgers? Where do you usually go to get them?

Perhaps you’ve thought about major companies, such as Nike, Adidas, McDonald’s, or Burger King. So, what do these names have in common? They are successful when it comes to brand awareness.

Brand awareness is a representation of consumers’ knowledge about a certain brand. This involves customers knowing not only the business’s name, but also all of its products and services, as well as other experiential details. 

It is a tough competition out there. Launching brand awareness campaigns will make you stand out and also help in growing a market share.

As a real estate agent, you’re carrying your brand, which is your name. The right brand awareness campaigns will put your real estate agency in front of clients who plan to buy or sell a property.

Gain popularity among your target market by following these tips:

Set Up Your Google My Business Account

With more than 3.5 billion searches made per day, Google is definitely the most popular search engine. People so heavily rely on this search engine that it also has become a part of how they discover products and services. Google took advantage of this practice and created Google My Business (GMB).

A Google My Business listing makes your business discoverable. This ensures that your business will be visible when someone looks for it on Google search and Google maps. Compared to other review sites, wherein different people can edit pages, you can easily control your own GMB listing, making sure all your business’s information is accurate. Go to to start setting up your listing for free.

Check Your On-Page Optimization

To show up in organic online searches, businesses use different techniques, including on-page optimization. On-page or on-site SEO is the practice of optimizing one’s web pages to rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and earn more relevant traffic in diverse search engines. This can be considered the foundation of a good website. Hence, the direction of whether your website will succeed or not depends on this SEO strategy.

Here are some common on-page optimizations you can apply on your real estate website:

Keyword Research

Using the right keywords ensures that you’re targeting the right market. You may want to add a location in your keywords so that you can drive interested customers who are in the area you serve. Also, opt for long-tail keywords, as they provide higher intent, which means better conversion.

Other On-Page Elements

Make sure that your business’s name, address, and phone number are correctly stated throughout your website. Use state, city, and town names, not just in the body content but also in the metadata. Also, real estate listings should be indexable and have an XML sitemap.

Use Powerful Headlines

Headlines that are common or not that catchy will just kill your click-through and conversion rates. When creating headlines, add in a trigger word, an adjective, a keyword, and a promise. It will look like a complete thought and will pique the curiosity of web visitors.

Optimize Images

In real estate, images are everything. But the process shouldn’t stop at just uploading them into your website. Adding keywords to the image’s caption, title, description, and alt text can help increase your rankings and get you more clicks.

Answer Your Customers’ Questions Through Blog Posts

Another type of marketing strategy is a blog post. It is a perfect way to build trust and rapport with your customers. Here, you can comprehensively answer the questions of real estate buyers, sellers, and investors.

You can also write about a variety of topics related to the real estate industry, including housing trends, current cheap and luxury properties for sale, property taxes, and more. If search engines detect your blog to be producing quality content, then your website can gain traffic and even have a higher SERPs ranking.

Blogging is also where you can employ advertising opportunities, promote affiliate products, or get sponsors. These can bring your business added revenue. Above all, blogging platforms are easy to use, making them all the better to use in your SEO-optimization quest. 

Write Guest Posts on Other People’s Blogs

You can manifest your knowledge about the real estate industry not just through providing relevant content on your page, but also through guest blogs. In simpler terms, you can write content for someone else’s blog. This is a powerful marketing tactic as it allows you to mention your brand and also get identified as an authority in your niche. Mostly, guest posting is used to embed backlinks to drive traffic to a site’s main page.

You can find websites worth contacting about doing a real estate guest post here.

Create Paid Ads on Social Media

Nowadays, social media is not only used for communication purposes alone. It is also a channel for customer acquisition, engaging with customers, and all kinds of marketing efforts. This makes social media an ideal resource for people looking to buy or sell a property. In fact, the National Association of Realtors reported that 47% of real estate businesses have gained better-quality leads through social media compared to other sources.

On social media, businesses can apply either organic or paid ads. Organic ads simply use the free tools included in each social media platform. Paid ads, on the other hand, are sponsored marketing messages displayed on different social media platforms to target a specific audience. Costs depend on the type of ad.

A good starting point in paid digital advertising is on Facebook. Check out these types of sponsored Facebook posts:

Facebook Like Campaigns

The goal of these sponsored campaigns is to increase the number of likes on your Facebook page. These tap into a base of people who might be interested in your brand and the type of posts shared on your page.

Facebook Website Click Ads

These sponsored ads seen on Facebook can direct people to your website or specific listings.

Facebook Lead Ads

With this type of paid ad, clients can request estimates, newsletters, and any other information about your business, all without leaving Facebook. 

Paid social media ads are inexpensive to create and run. With these ads, you can reach a large audience by only paying a minimum cost. Plus, you get to target your specific market and reach those individuals who will want to know more about the properties you offer.

Look into Influencer Marketing

In this type of digital marketing, you get to collaborate with an influencer. They then promote your products and services to their followers.

The success of this marketing effort lies in your choice of an influencer. Before looking for an influencer to pair up with, you need to first define who your target market is. People follow influencers who display a lifestyle they want to achieve. So, single, young professionals may follow certain influencers who are different from those followed by families.

When you have finally chosen an influencer to work with, discuss with them how you want them to present your brand. They may include you in their blog posts or mention you in their Instagram stories. The most important thing is that both you and your influencer are clear about the content creation process. You may even have a chance to win your influencer as a client. This can make them share their personal experience with your brand, which is beneficial on your end as well.

Create a Podcast or YouTube Channel

If you’re truly aiming for brand awareness, having a podcast or YouTube channel is a great idea.

55% of US consumers listen to podcasts, and as per EdisonResearch, 54% of podcast listeners are likely to consider brands they hear advertised on podcasts. Meanwhile, YouTube has two billion monthly unique users worldwide, and according to Google, 80% of shoppers first went to YouTube to learn more about the product they wanted before purchasing it.

Starting a podcast as a real estate agent is a great marketing idea. If done correctly, this can help you generate leads in your market area. Podcasting as a real estate agent can show that you are a community leader and that you know what’s happening in your locality. In your podcast, you can highlight your business, interview local real estate personalities, provide local real estate updates, and more. Focusing on a “local” theme can lead to efficient results for your business.

Building a YouTube channel also offers a tremendous opportunity to market your listings to a wider scope of audience. Video plays a significant role in the job of real estate agents. This medium helps with lead generation and conversion. Through videos, you can show open houses or let your audience have a glimpse of neighborhoods in your local market.

You can also record Q&A videos with local personalities, peers, and colleagues. This will be helpful for your clients who are seeking answers related to real estate. Don’t miss the chance to also share some testimonial videos from your satisfied clients. This is the best proof to show potential customers that your real estate agency is trustworthy.

Hire a Real Estate SEO Agency

Formulating marketing strategies will demand a lot of time and effort from you. Sure, everything can be searched online. However, nothing compares to the proficiency SEO experts bring to the table. Hiring an SEO agency well-versed in real estate will not only help you rank high in SERPs and generate more revenue but can also make you an authority in the industry. Furthermore, with their help, you will have the time to take on more responsibilities and help your business grow further.

Interested in hiring a real estate SEO agency? Go for Ardor SEO. With Ardor SEO’s real estate SEO services, you can be sure to get more real estate leads as we position your real estate agency on top of SERPs.


One measure of a business’s success is through brand awareness. When people choose your real estate agency to help them buy or sell a property, that’s a sign that your brand awareness campaigns are effective. If you’re struggling with creating this awareness, though, we can help. Learn more about how to make your brand stand out by reading our articles!

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