Tips to Get Rid of Diaper Rashes

In the world of parenthood, a diaper is one of the things parents cannot live without. Baby diapers are by far one of the most important items to have with a newborn baby. They ensure protection from leakage and accidents when babies continue to grow.

When newborns become infants learning to crawl and walk, diapers help them move comfortably without making a mess. Mothers and fathers can expect to use up to ten diapers per day. So, an ample supply of diapers is good to have around the house. For extra convenience and less worry, buy baby diapers online.

What are the Different Types of Diapers?

Finding the perfect diaper for the baby should always be a priority for every parent. Each child reacts differently to different types of diapers. Some have sensitive skin; others require an additional layer of security and protection. To give the best for every baby, parents should be familiar with what their babies need and what’s available in the market:

Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers contain crystals that help absorb liquid up to 800 times their weight. They store it in an absorbent pad and transform the liquid into gel to keep it away from the baby’s skin.

They can be used for longer without causing the child any discomfort. However, the durability, elasticity, absorbency, and leakage control differ per brand. When buying disposable diapers, be sure to go for tried and tested brands.


This type of diaper is helpful for babies who are potty-training. Pull-up diapers mimic the feel of regular underwear. Some brands even feature a wet liner that alerts the user when the diaper gets a bit damp. This is a good diaper to help children be more alert when they need to use the bathroom.

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers consist of absorbent fabric such as cotton fleece, flannel, unbleached hemp, or wool. There are also organic cloth and eco-friendly alternatives that do not contain any chemicals.

Some cloth diapers feature washable and reusable inserts that can be washed, flushed, or composted. This type of diaper is arguably one of the more eco-friendly and economic options available.

To get more information, it is advisable to do more research or consult with a pediatrician on which diaper suits the baby best. Being familiar with the differences can help every parent choose and shop for the best baby diapers online.

 Why Do Babies Get Diaper Rashes?

Diaper rashes are a common occurrence for babies. Several factors affect it, such as skin sensitivity, chafing, and frequency (or lack thereof) of changing diapers. They thrive in warm and moist parts of the body, like the inner thighs, and they can cause the skin to be raw and rough.

Depending on the child’s activity and reaction to diapers, they can get rashes more frequently than others. In some cases, babies get rashes due to an allergy or underlying skin condition.

 How to Remedy Diaper Rashes?

When babies show signs of rashes, parents or caretakers need to act quickly to avoid further developments. Doctors recommend using products on affected areas to soothe soreness in the skin and create a protective layer.

Applying cream and ointment containing zinc or petroleum to the skin is an effective way to reduce redness. Another solution is to apply baby powder to the baby’s diaper area to keep it dry.

For rashes caused by bacterial or fungal infections, apply antifungal cream or topical antibiotics prescribed by pediatricians. Using steroid creams is not advisable unless specifically instructed by the doctor. Such products can cause further irritation to the baby’s bottom, especially if it is not used properly.

How to Prevent Rashes in the Future?

Before symptoms of rashes appear, parents can incorporate effective ways and helpful practices into their routine to avoid this condition altogether. After all, prevention is the greatest solution to any problem.

Be sure to change diapers often: When wet and soiled diapers are not changed immediately, bacteria can cultivate. So, being vigilant about changing diapers throughout the day is crucial. Always have a spare waiting in the changing room.

Switch diaper brands: Babies having sensitive skin can be very particular about diaper products. If parents notice the persistence of diaper rashes, perhaps it’s time to swap their diaper for another brand by finding the perfect baby diapers online. Additionally, eliminating chemicals can prevent recurring rashes. That said, parents can try a chemical-free option for their infants.

Allow the skin to breathe: Spending time without a diaper can help dry out the baby’s sin. Allowing the skin to breathe prevents wetness and moisture from collecting in the crevices of the skin.

Avoid using wipes: Although it is important to keep the diaper area clean, some wipes can be rough on the skin. That’s why professionals suggest washing the baby’s bottom with scent-free soap. Do not scrub the area, but gently cleanse.


Having diaper rashes is common and normal, but there are always solutions to prevent children from experiencing such conditions. The most important step is to select the best possible diaper for the baby. It makes all the difference.

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