What Is An Enail Dab Kit, And How Do You Use It?

There are many different methods that consumers can use when ingesting weed. Knowing the various ways to enjoy the effects of cannabis can help prevent any unwanted side effects, keep you healthy, and ensure you have an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

What is an enail dab kit?

If you enjoy dabbing, using an enail dab kit is the cannabis product for you. It is one of the most useful and user-friendly accessories you can have to enjoy the effects of marijuana. Although dabbing usually entails the user heating the dab nail with a blowtorch, this process can be simplified by using an e-nail.

This simple accessory is an electronic nail that attaches directly to your dab rig, preventing the need to heat the set-up using a blowtorch. When you use an enail dab kit, you don’t have to wait for an extended period of time to apply to your dabs, quickening the process by just setting the temperature you want to the attached mechanism.

Fortunately for cannabis consumers, there is an enail dab kit for everyone. When searching online or at a dispensary, you will find a wide selection of enails compatible with different sizes and shapes of dab rings. Not only does using an enail dab kit save you time and effort, but it ensures you get the best dabbing experience with your equipment.

Benefits of an enail dab kit

You may be wondering why you should use an enail dab kit over other dabbing methods. Many users have become used to using a blowtorch, so why switch now? One of the biggest benefits of using an enail dab kit is the convenience factor. You can easily vaporize your dabs without doing any extra work by simply setting your temperature and applying the dab to the mechanism once it is heated to the right level.

The second benefit of using an enail dab kit is the safety factor. You won’t have to worry about using a potentially harmful tool to heat your dabs – instead, using an enail dab kit prevents the need for butane, providing a cleaner and purer option that reduces harm and hassle.

How to use an enail dab kit

Many first-time users are confused about setting up and working an enail dab kit if they are new to the dabbing technique. Fortunately for cannabis consumers, setting up and using an enail with your dab rig is quick and painless. The first step is confirming the enail you purchased is compatible with the dab rig.

Once your enail dab kit is set up, fill the base of your dab rig with water. Then, apply the stem attachment of the enail to the stem of your dab rig, connecting the enail to a power source. Now is when you can customize your heat settings for dabbing, with the ideal temperature depending on the product you are using.

Once the settings are applied, you are ready to begin using your enail dab kit. Wait for the enail to reach the right temperature and then apply using a dab tool. Begin to take a smooth hit from the mouthpiece of your enail dab kit to ensure you have done the process correctly


Learning how to use an enail dab kit is quick, easy, and painless. By preventing the need for a butane blowtorch, the cannabis consumer is safer and can efficiently set an operating temperature in a matter of seconds. For those who are new to marijuana and dabbing, using an enail dab kit is a beginner-friendly and user-friendly option.

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