The modern world is not an easy place to live in. With increasing stress, workload and a decrease in the quality of life for everyone around the globe, people are bound to have unhealthy habits and illnesses. Even children are facing physical as well as mental health issues these days, that develop into chronic diseases and an unhealthy future. Child psychologists around the world, along with the doctors in the best child hospitals in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and the other metropolitan cities have expressed grave concern when it comes to the future of our childrens’ health, both mental and physical. Taking proper care of our children has never been more important as much in the real world, and if proper steps are not taken, a child may grow up facing genuine mental issues that may affect the quality of their life as well as the people around them.

Children are sensitive

As much as adults would like to believe otherwise, children are actually extremely sensitive to their surroundings. This means that everything and every emotion is easily and well understood by them. This is not specific to human beings, offsprings of almost all other species, specially mammals tend to be sensitive to their surroundings. This is how they learn as much as possible about the world around them, starting from a young age. This is the reason why children tend to pick up on very slight changes in the behaviour and emotions of people around them. Sometimes, if a child has gone through emotional or mental trauma, they may be taken to child psychologists for treatment. Child psychologists help children to overcome the effects of a negative or unhealthy atmosphere around them at home or school.

They know more than we think

Adults have a tendency to believe that being older and having experienced the world more than their children makes them know better. They are not completely wrong, but one doesn’t need to dismiss the opinions and ideas of their young ones too. Encouraging new and creative ideas of the children helps to improve their self confidence and develop healthy boundaries as they grow up into adults. This is a must in order to have a happy and fruitful life with healthy relations that are encouraging and supportive rather than demeaning.

Communication is key

Children need to learn how to communicate efficiently, in order to survive in this world. The only way to make them better at it is to ask more questions and encourage them to answer. Adults and parents should make sure that they allow their children to answer for themselves. General questions about their day, friends and their day to day activities will not only help them to develop a habit of speaking well, it would also make them feel special and loved. This develops healthy self confidence and also helps them to be a part of the world around them and not have a tendency to escape from it. Since they are young, they need to feel welcomed and safe into our world.

Children should also be given explanations by the parents and adults whenever necessary. They should be told about the reasons behind our actions and behaviour. This helps cultivate a sense of understanding other people and themselves better.

Don’t be aloof

The worst thing that guardians or parents can do to their children is to create a sense of distance. A child needs to be assured and loved at all costs, especially at a young age. This means that they should know and be reminded of the fact that their parents are there to listen to them and love them. This helps the children be open about their thoughts, emotions and feelings, which is necessary in order for them to have a good mental and emotional health.

Don’t be ignorant

Every parent/ guardian is concerned about their child’s physical health. This is why we want to look for the best when it comes to healthcare providers for our little ones. It is advised to use the internet to find the best child hospitals in Kolkata, Delhi, London, America, wherever you reside. Do your best to find the best care for your little ones.

Apart from physical health, your child needs to develop a healthy mental and emotional state too, in order to lead a healthy life. If a child starts to show extreme anger or signs of physical violence, or if they tend to escape the real world too much, the best thing to do is to look for a certified child psychologist to help and support your children to navigate their emotions in a healthy way.

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