Steps in buying an engagement ring

Buying a diamond engagement ring will be one of the biggest investments that you’ll ever make. Therefore, it is important to be prepared before the purchase so that you will get the most “bling” for your buck. 

Before you purchase the engagement ring from a jeweler such as Diamonds Factory Australia, you will have to obtain information from your would-be-bride and loved ones. You must also be aware of some information about diamonds as well as how they are graded. It is also important that you have some skills in negotiating. Another thing to consider in buying an engagement ring is where to buy it. So here are some useful steps in buying an engagement ring. 

Step 1: Her Ring Size and Jewelry Preference

Diamond engagement rings come in different settings ranging from the simple classic tiffany setting to the more complex channel settings. Engagement rings also come in two colors: classic yellow gold and white gold. 

In buying a diamond engagement ring, the most important information that you will need to know is what your loved one prefers. One way of knowing her preference is by casually commenting on someone else’s engagement ring. Asking her friends and relatives about her jewelry taste is also a good way of knowing her preference. 

Always make sure that you get her finger size correctly. Although an adage says that the shoe size is the same as the ring size, it is still important to ascertain her exact ring size. An engagement ring that is too small will cause embarrassment for both of you if given during the proposal. 

Step 2: Choosing the right diamond for the ring

Once you have her jewelry preference and ring size, it is now time to shop for the diamond. Jewelers such as Diamonds Factory Australia can immediately determine a knowledgeable customer from a clueless one. It is important to know diamonds to prevent being tricked into buying a poor diamond. Loose diamonds are graded using the four Cs that stands for Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. The diamond’s resulting market value will be based on how the stone was rated using all four Cs.

Loose diamonds that are colorless and clear are more expensive than those that are yellowish or brownish. However, colorless diamonds are extremely rare and very expensive. If your engagement ring budget is limited, then choose a yellowish diamond. 

Diamonds are also graded by their clarity, cut and carat. The diamond’s clarity refers to the number of noticeable blemishes the stone has when observed under 10x magnification. It is important to choose a diamond with minimal blemishes. 

The diamond cut refers not to the stone’s shape but to how the diamond was processed and polished. The cut is responsible for the brilliance of an engagement ring. One way of determining a finely cut diamond is by observing how light is being reflected and refracted as it hits the stone. 

A loose diamond is also graded using its carat weight. The size of the diamond for your engagement ring will depend on how much you are comfortable spending. Remember that a large diamond is not always a better choice since diamonds are priced based on how well they rate using the four C’s. 

Step 3: Purchasing the engagement ring

Now that you have your diamond knowledge basics, the next step is to know where to buy your diamond engagement ring. It is extremely important to find a store that is reputable such as Diamonds Factory Australia. One way of doing this is by asking your married friends for suggestions. You can determine a jewelry store’s reputation by checking it through the Better Business Bureau’s website to see if the store has any complaints about them. 

When purchasing the diamond for the engagement ring, make sure that you ask the jeweler for a certificate of authenticity, given by independent gemological agencies such as the Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA)

It would help if you also remembered that jewelry prices are negotiable. Most jewelry stores mark up the price of diamonds by 100%, and most jewelry sales clerks will try to increase their commissions by making you pay more for the diamond. Doing some negotiating may save you some precious dollars. 

Buying a diamond engagement ring online is becoming a trend these days, and there are a growing number of online diamond websites, such as the webpage of Diamonds Factory Australia. When you plan to buy a diamond using the internet, make sure that you see the actual stone before paying for it. 

Now that you know the basic steps in buying a diamond engagement ring, it is now time to plan your proposal. 

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