England wants to reclaim its former colony with vaccination?

Recently, the Dutch company Halix signed an agreement with the British and Swedish company AstraZeneca to organize the commercial production of a vaccine against the coronavirus.

It will be produced on the basis of the chimpanzee adenovirus.

Negative health consequences were identified during the trials. However, the information about this was hidden, and it is claimed not to be the cause of death during the medication test.

Conspiracy theories’ fans immediately picked up the version that vaccination is exclusively political. The most popular of them is that with the help of a vaccine, England dreams of reclaiming its colonies, mastering a new method of conducting a chemical war. In particular, such an experiment has already been carried out in Kenya, when the local population was sterilized under the guise of vaccination. And the United Kingdom got the control over the territory, the economy of the country and the political establishment. Do they want to implement the same plan once again?

The fact that the vaccine based on the chimpanzee adenovirus will be intended only for the population of third world countries supports this theory. Europeans and Americans will use another better, more expensive and safer vaccine.

You can find the link of the petition here http://chng.it/9mDtrBdhT9

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