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In the 21st century, technology has become a boon for humankind. The invention of the computer and mobile phone are two of the most successful gift to mankind. Science and technology can become advanced. But it is still not possible to overcome nature. Nature is the place where we live. Our every invention is possible because of the benevolence of nature. But, we sometimes forget how powerful nature is! No scientific invention has become possible to stop any natural calamities. There are earthquakes and volcano eruptions. There are also storms to flood. Still, millions of people die every day becoming victims of these disasters. 

Yet, some of the technologies have advanced to access nature. Some of the equipment and efforts have become successful to access nature. This equipment has become successful in predicting various natural calamities. But, in no sense or by no means they can stop them. One of the very common natural calamities in Northern America is hurricanes. It is a tropical storm that creates a massacre every time it hits the ground. There have been some useful efforts. Those are to create a forecast of this disastrous storm beforehand for the native people. One such is the Hurricane Local Statement

What is HLS (Hurricane Local Statement)?

A Hurricane Local Statement or an HLS is a weather statement. It is the local weather house. It belongs to the National Weather Service in the USA that produces this statement. HLS helps to find out whether there is a possibility of a tropical storm. It sometimes also produces the report of an area affected by the aftermath of a hurricane. This report at times includes the weather conditions and precautions as per the needs. Also, it includes various evacuation and rescue operations. All these are conducted by the government or officials. An HLS also contains the detailed procedure for the rescue of property and life. 

How does an HLS help the Weather Community?

At the National Weather Service in the USA, the Hurricane is like a flagship product. HLS sometimes predicts the chances of a hurricane occurring in the projected area. It also expresses a detailed report of the Hurricane-affected areas. This report mostly alerts people about the upcoming tropical storms in the locality. People can receive the repercussions and warnings of the hurricane from this service. 

This is a detailed report of the Hurricane massacre at the native places of North America. It gives an accurate description of the affected place. The amount of damage to the property as well as casualty has been reported here. Besides, this report also includes the frequency of the cyclone in a certain space. This helps them to determine the stage of the precautionary as well as rescue service. In the HSL, one would also find the potential of the hurricane and the time frame of the natural hazard. Besides the description of the storm, this report also adds up the repercussion of the storm. 

These Hurricane Local Statements started in the 1990s. To date, this had been one of the richest resources to describe the nature of hurricanes. These available resources help the forecasters to reduce the greatest amount of devastation.

The Bulletin: For Hurricane:

America has faced severe to extremely severe cyclonic storms in the past two decades. They were all considered the most terrible tropical storms around the world. There has been a huge amount of loss of many animate as well as inanimate things. Still, it was the HLS that every time played a very crucial role. It was because of the forecast that most people had been evacuated and rescued. 

Back in August 2005, the USA faced one of the worst hurricanes in its history. It was Hurricane Katrina. During this crucial time, a bulletin was published. It was highly praiseworthy since it saved millions of lives, stocks, and areas. But one should also remember, that all these facilities are not possible for everyone all the time. 

Local Statements: Part of Hurricane:

HLS is the brainchild since the year of 1970s. It was a part of the National Meteorological Survey from the beginning. The Hurricane warning program was the main motto of this HLS. Before that, HLS was a part of the US Weather Bureau. 

Later in 1978, there has been a permanent change in this service. In the Year 1978, there was a huge change in the weather service. The AFOS (Automation of Field Operation and Services) was launched. And from then, these Hurricane warnings were regarded as the ‘Hurricane Local Statements’.

Hurricane Local Statement- Components:

From the beginning, the HLS has two constituent parts in it. These are – Automatic Elements and a Tailored Segment. 

The Automatic element takes the help of the National Digital Forecast Database. It provided recorded statements consisting of meteorological information.

The Tailored segment includes the consequences of the Hurricane to the located place. It takes the help of the information from the local weather prediction office. HLS expects and describes the effect or aftermath of the tropical storm.

What is HLS?

As science has been evolving through time and age, so are its inventions. HLS got a little more modified in the following years. 

In 1999, the local weather prediction office of Florida introduced something new. There was a package of graphics in their Hurricane Local Statement report. And from that time, HLS renamed gHLS. 

Since 2009, all the weather forecast offices from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic ocean have used this gHLS format. Such graphical representations make the statement easier to understand for the layman. 


With all these special and modified formats, HLS has faced a lot of shortcomings. The original format faced reprimand for being clumsy. National Weather Service’s evaluation report exclaimed that HLS disappointed at certain times. It failed to estimate and anticipate Hurricane Andrew in 1992. HLS was supposed to be long-term and punctual about the prediction. But somehow it failed. And as a result of that, there has been a huge catastrophe that has been devastating. 


HLS has been a very fruitful invention in the disaster department. National Weather Forecasters even today use the HLS reports. It is for describing storm and hurricane-affected areas. It is very useful for the prediction and description of any tropical storm. It categorizes the storm according to its severity. It also provides a detailed overview of the local consequences. It also acts as a warning to the nearby people for evacuation from the tentative affected place. HLS also acts actively in preventive and rescue programs for tropical storms. This has been one of the most intriguing ways to introduce the Hurricane Local Statement (HLS).

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