Renovating Solution with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Broken Screen Glass Repair

The hour of the contorted screen has shown up since the presence of Samsung S6 Edge. Following quite a while of movement, a fresh out of the case new wound full screen has been gotten a handle on from Samsung auto shop, which comes as a mix of bent screens and full screens in case I look for ways to repair my Samsung

Separated and contorted screens, the new turned full screen purpose of certainty bears an altogether higher fix/redesigning cost. In our video today, we will take Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for instance and show you the most recent curved full-screen restoring improvement. Our REWA is happy to share fix tips with you and assisting with understanding your issues directing Samsung phone fix. 

A) Cracked Screen Testing 

Cutoff test – Display and Touch 

Both are OK 

B) Phone Disassembling 

Perceive the telephone topsyturvy on the Heat Platform, void the back spread bit by bit with Pry Piece and Glue Cleaner. (Be cautious about flex joins while working) Continue to release the back plate. Take out the battery and some different embellishments, by then take out the motherboard. 

C) Glass Lens Separating 

Put the OLED screen get together into the – 180 Frozen Screen Separator, the get the top on and monitor things for 5 minutes and evacuate the glass purpose of union attentively. Next, place the room temperature OLED screen on the Heat Platform, clear leftover paste with the Electric Glue Removing Device. Exactly when done, clean with N-hexane. 

D) Mid-design Separating 

Drawing closer to Samsung versatile fix community fixes each issue including Samsung mobile screen repair. Put the OLED screen into the – 180 Frozen Screen Separator, get the spread on and hang on for 5 minutes. Besides, sometime later separate the OLED screen from the mid-format. 

E) OCA Laminating 

The OCA ought to be made sure about to the glass purpose of assembly from the earliest starting point. Perceive the structure into the overlaying machine, press ‘OCA spread’ button and the machine begins to work until the Laminating wrapped up. Next, take out the OCA related glass purpose of combination 

F) Bubble Removing 

Put the OCA joined glass purpose of intermingling into Bubble Removing Machine for 5 minutes, when completed; take out the OCA attached glass purpose of combination. 

G) OLED Laminating 

Before long we have to overlay the OCA related glass purpose of assembly to the OLED screen. In any case, place the structure into the covering machine, press ‘LCD overlay’ button. By then the machine begins to work till the Laminating wrapped up. Last, take out the OLED screen get together. 

H) Bubble Removing 

Put the OLED screen gathering into Bubble Removing Machine for 10 minutes. Right when completed, take out the OLED screen gathering. 

I) Refurbished Screen Testing 

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen fixing finished splendidly 

The above is the finished method of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 broken screen glass fix. Do you have it? If NOT, watch the video underneath. At that point, have you met any issue during the part screen redesigning? On the off chance that YES, welcome to present to us at remark underneath or ask gathering. Our REWA is on edge to share fix tips with you and assisting with comprehending your issues. As a characteristic apothegm ” if three strolls together, one can be my educator”. We can get from one another. 

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