How to prevent your employee’s wrongdoings in working hours?

Responsible and dedicated employees of a business organization play a vital role to grow a business to the next level. On the other hand, disgruntled and rogue employees can destroy any business firm with their wrongdoings in working hours. Therefore, employers have to look after their employee’s activities in working hours on business owned digital devices connected to the internet. Most of the employers these days are used to provide cellphone devices for clients and instant communication.

Therefore, employees get benefit out of these devices and get involved in data breaching, time-wasting activities, and further steal the intellectual property of the business. Therefore, employers are conscious about employee’s activities in working hours and the have to prevent employee’s wrongdoings in working hours on business devices. All you can do is to track a phone with mobile tracking app.

What is cellphone tracking software?

OgyMogy is a piece of software/application that you can install on your employee’s business-owned mobile devices and use its online web portal after installation to upload the information running on the target device. Furthermore, you can get access to their powerful and exclusive feature that empowers you to prevent activities of employees against the company’s policy.

You can use features like call recording, screenshots, social media monitoring, email tracking, screen recording, keystrokes, IM’s voice call recording, and last but not the least remote surveillance features to block calls, messages, and internet. During installation, it will not give you a hard time and within few minutes you can set it up on the target device of your employee.

Every feature of cellphone monitoring software is the result-oriented and you can upload the information of the employee’s business device to the online dashboard. You can get details about the dos and don’ts via customer support chat.


It is compatible with the phones, and tablet devices running with the Android operating system. You can use it without rooting the android phone. Furthermore, you can sneakily track wrongdoings of employees in working hours.

How to install a cellphone monitoring app?

If you want to do surveillance on your employee’s activities on business owned phones and tablets to prevent wrongdoings, you need to visit the official webpage of the phone tracking app. Now you can get the subscription online and further you can receive an email that provides you the credentials. You can check your email inbox and get the password and ID. Now you can get physical access on the target device and get started with the process of installation and activate the employee monitoring app for a cellphone on the target device. You can use the credentials and get access to the online web portal and get your hands on the features that empower you to know about the wrongdoings of employees. Further, you can prevent employees to do any wrong activity in working hours on business devices. Let’s get to know about all the tools in detail in the following.

Cellphone tracking Features to prevent employees wrongdoings

Find here the features for the preventing employees wrongdoings.

Call recording

Employers can record live phone calls on business owned cellphones no mater incoming and outgoing and save the data to the dashboard using a secret call recorder app.

IM’s VoIP Call recording

Most of the employees these days leak the data of the business via voice messages and voice calls on the social messaging app running on the target device of the employee. However, you can use the exclusive feature that enables you to record one-sided Voice calls of IM’s running on your employees’ cellphone device without rooting the target device. You can record and listen to the voice calls of Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Vine, Skype, and Google hangout.

Screen recording

Users can remotely get access to the online dashboard of the cellphone surveillance app to track a phone screen and make back to back short videos on the web portal. All you can do with the live screen recorder software. Users can record the phone screen when employees using social messaging apps, email, SMS, YouTube, chrome, and activities on the default browsers.

IM’s logs

You can read the conversations, text messages, voice and video calls, and other logs of instant messengers on the employee’s business phone with a social media messenger tracking app.


The mobile tracking app is the best tool for employers to prevent the wrongdoing of employees in working hours on business provided cellphone devices.

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