Essential Things to Know About a Tree Removal Service in North Sydney

Would you like to create an extension on your property in North Sydney, but a tree is blocking your way? Your first instinct is probably to get an axe and chop it down or call a company who provides services like tree removal in North Sydney. However, there are strict rules applied in this area that might cost you a hefty fine if you cut down trees without a proper permit. This city abides by the 2013 North Sydney Council Development Control Plan and SEPP 2017 legislation prohibiting pruning, destroying, and removing trees. To avoid breaking any law, here are some of the general information you must know about getting permits in North Sydney and hiring arborists:

What exactly do these policies state?

The local council of North Sydney has a department solely in charge of maintaining the city’s visual look through the preservation of its trees and vegetation. There is a strict policy that you cannot cut trees that are more than five metres in length or four metres in diameters. Some trees in North Sydney cannot also be removed if they have Aboriginal importance or other historical significance. Additionally, some that serve a functional purpose, such as acting as a windbreaker or a crucial habitat for endemic species, are not allowed to be taken down.

If you want to cut down a tree that is not protected, your permit can only be approved if you have valid reasons to renovate and if the position of the tree poses a threat to your safety.

As a rule, you need to secure a Development Consent if you plan to cut down trees for renovation purposes. On the other hand, you should acquire a Tree Management Permit if you are chopping it down for safety or aesthetic reasons. Both of these permits are free and can be applied through the council’s official website.

Are there exemptions?

The same policies also state situations that do not need a permit from the North Sydney Council. Trees that have been declared dead or dying by a qualified arborist can be chopped down. Biosecurity weeds can also be taken out. Some plants like the African Olive Trees and Cocos Palms can also be removed without permission since they propagate easily. Furthermore, trees under the direct care of the North Sydney Council need not get Development Consent if it has been decided that they need to be chopped down.

Who can cut your trees?

Tree removal can only be performed by qualified professionals who are registered members of Arboriculture Australia. To become a licensed arborist, an individual must complete a three-year traineeship in Horticulture. A North Sydney-based entry-level arborist with less than four years of experience typically an average of AUD 25 per hour.

What are the other services offered by arborists?

Aside from tree removal in North Sydney, arborists can also offer cosmetic pruning. This service is done when cutting is not necessary. Pruning is highly advisable if only a portion of the tree is blocking essential views such as traffic signage. They are also allowed by the North Sydney Council if it is obstructing pedestrian walks. Additionally, arborists are also permitted to prune young trees to help them develop a more appropriate form as they grow up.

North Sydney has strict rules on tree preservation. Implementing these policies ensure that the area maintains its ecological integrity and develops environmental sustainability. Should there be a need to cut or prune a tree in your property, ask your area’s council before taking action. Once approved, hire registered arborists to do the job for you.

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