Is your Office Suitable for Indoor Plant Walls?

Having a small office space does not mean that it is not good for some more decorative features; any space is good for this. Most companies want to create a trendy yet functional space in their office, allowing their employees to have a more productive and efficient environment. Moreover, they want to generate more impressions from visiting clients.

Creating a living wall or installing an indoor plant wall is one of the best ways to decorate your office spaces. Indoor plants offer not only aesthetic benefits but health benefits as well. Moreover, it is not as expensive as you think. If you feel that your office space is not suitable for a living wall, below are the common misconceptions that keep you from having this amazing wall decoration for your office.

I have no enough wall space

The space for a living wall does not have to be big. Any size of the wall is suitable for indoor plants. If your office has a small wall space, hexagonal pots are among the best choices for your wall. Even an odd, small area could be a good spot for a living wall. Let the indoor plant experts take a look at it and let them turn your dull wall space into a relaxing view in your office.

My office does not have enough sunlight

Most offices lack natural sunlight, but this cannot stop you from having a living wall. Many indoor plants thrive in areas with minimal sunlight. Moreover, you can use artificial light sources designed for plants, emitting light that is suitable for photosynthesis.

It’s hard to maintain a wall plumbing for living wall

Many living walls are designed with an integrated irrigation system. This means that you don’t need a pump nor use electricity to water these plants. Tanks are placed into a system where water is collected and redistributed throughout the living wall plots. It is watertight, so you don’t have to worry about leakages or other kinds of mess, allowing you to have a living wall anywhere in your office.

The temperature in our office is not suitable for plants to thrive

Temperature is not an issue for indoor plants, so you don’t have to worry about making some adjustments in your cooling system. The air-conditioning unit doesn’t harm the living wall. The truth is, it helps plants to thrive by keeping the plants from drying out quickly.

Your office space or how it looks, should not stop you from having a living wall. Living walls freshens the air and boosts workplace productivity and happiness. Moreover, it helps reduce on-the-job stress, promoting a positive mindset at work. Healthy and happy employees reduce absenteeism, giving you smooth business operations. Additionally, your employees are less likely to resign from their job, saving you from spending on training new hires.

Furthermore, having an indoor plant wall in your office attracts more clients. Clients are attracted to businesses that are neat and well decorated. Living walls can create fantastic design features in your workplace. Keeping and maintaining indoor plants in your office will attract more clients or customers to your business.

If you don’t have green fingers and are not good at decoration, you can always contact an indoor plant hire services to design, install, and maintain your living wall. This way, you can have a well-decorated wall, healthy workspace, and you can rest assured that your existing wall will always be in good condition.

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