Here’s Why You Need a Soil Test Kit to Properly Care for Your Lawn

Proper lawn care can be tricky. Unfortunately, there’s no singularly correct approach to having a beautiful, healthy lawn. Each lawn contains different grasses, different weeds to contend with, and even a different soil type. Since your grass gets most of its nutrients from the soil in your yard, you’ve got to know quite a bit about your soil to win at lawn care. 

Each type of grass has a different nutrient requirement, and testing your soil gives you a comprehensive understanding of what your lawn needs. Providing the proper nutrients early on can save you a lot of money on unnecessary fertilizers that may not contain the right nutrients for your grass or soil type. Comprehensive lawn care begins with a soil test kit that gives you the information you need to put together an adequate care routine. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Soil Test Kits

There are different types of test kits on the market today. Many of them require grinding or baking your soil which is not recommended. It is best to choose a text kit with a probe that mimics the nutrient uptake of your grass in current soil conditions. This will give you the most accurate and comprehensive results.

Using the included probe ensures accuracy and the proper depth for testing. Your kit should also come with complete instructions and a registration card for you to send off your samples. You may have to test your soil more than once to ensure you have made the proper adjustments. You should use the same type of test kit throughout the season to ensure the results you get are accurate. 

What They Show

When you get the results of your test kit, you’ll first notice the pH levels of your soil. Most soils tend to be a bit acidic or alkaline. While there are some grasses that prefer slightly acidic or alkaline soils, most grasses thrive in soil with a pH level between 6 and 7. Luckily, there are products containing sulfur, calcium sulfate, and calcium carbonate that can help raise or lower your soil’s pH levels. An optimum soil pH level will encourage vibrant grass growth with strong, healthy roots.

Next, you’ll see exactly what the nutrient levels are in your soil and which nutrients may be lacking. Keep in mind it is important to understand what type of grass you have because different grasses have different nutrient requirements. Knowing what type of grass you have and which nutrients may be lacking from your soil will help you prepare an adequate lawn care routine to feed your lawn properly and nurture it to optimum health. 

Get Your Test Kit Today

If you are just starting your lawn care routine, take the time to purchase a soil test kit first. It will offer guidance as to what nutrients your soil may be missing and what your grass may be starving for. Remember, a strong, healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds and pests. Starting with a soil test kit and monitoring your soil throughout the year can help ensure your grass is getting exactly what it needs to thrive. With the right tools, your lawn can be the envy of all the neighborhood. Get your soil test kit today. 

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