What if you know someone has access to all your data on your PC? You’re going to be scared left! Is it not? Is it not? It is strongly recommended that you use any trustworthy antivirus programmed to secure your computer against undesirable online threats if you wish to prevent such situations. Norton antivirus is known for its excellent functionality to keep malware and other threats from your system. 

It’s one of the most reliable security tools. But often an error message says “you can not connect to Norton server” is found which ultimately occurs for many reasons. If you face this mistake, it means that your network has problems in relationships.

 The problem doesn’t stop you from accessing the app, but the device will later become important. Not attempt to understand the causes and approaches that could be used to correct this error and use this article.

It runs in a wide variety of devices with the leading antivirus programmed Norton. Often, when you enter your Norton account, users may experience problems. Typically, when you try to trigger your Norton account, you will see “You Cannot Connect to Norton Server Error.” A server error or network issue causes the problem. You can also use your computer for the mistake, but several issues can be caused later. 

Don’t worry if you face these issues. You can address the problem rapidly and use your Norton antivirus programmed as before with easy steps.

Fixing Norton error steps to follow:

Follow the following steps to effectively enable your Norton product and run the app on your computer. These steps can also be taken when faced with norton error 8504.

Reboot your device

The first stage is a complete restart. All the programmers should be closed and your computer or laptop restarted. Most users say at this point that the issue has been resolved. You should follow the other steps below if the problem persists.

Test your browser default.

You need to check its settings when you set a regular web browser. Often users forget about allowing Norton Shield in the browser, which results in an error message.

Norton Activation Tool for Download

You can download the activation tool by visiting the official Norton website. Go to the official website of Norton and download the tool for the activation. You have to restart your computer once the update has been completed. Rebooting and re-opening your computer. Norton can now commonly be used. Try to follow the steps below if you still have a problem.

Reinstall Norton on your computer

In some situations, it can also help to uninstall and reinstall Norton on your computer. Deactivate your device’s apps. You can then go to the control panel and pick the programmed management tab. Can you open it and choose apps from Norton? Click on uninstall.

 Norton from your system will be uninstalled. Visit the official website of Norton later on. The official programmed can again be downloaded from there. Install it on your computer, too, after Norton has been downloaded. The software can now be used. There is always a different alternative listed below if you are still not able to use the application.

Download Norton tool to uninstall and reinstall it.

Official uninstall and reinstall method for Norton. In norton error 8504 104 the method is also useful. Go to Norton’s official website and download the tool. Install the tool on your device after downloading. Run your system tool to uninstall and reinstall Norton. Norton will simultaneously evaluate the issue and pursue a solution. You can use the programmed without any error after downloading the software again.

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