Microsoft Minecraft Aka.Ms/Remoteconnect Error – Complete Guide to Fix!

Minecraft is one of the most popular games on the internet, every second thousands of users log into the game from their respective devices such as PCs, consoles, and Nintendo. While logging into the account they occasionally face issues like Aka. ms/remoteconnect error. In the community, this issue is faced by many users irrespective of their device.

Now with the aka remote connect option anyone with a Microsoft account and a Minecraft paid version can login in to any of the devices to play Minecraft. The problem is not that big. While users login into the game they face issues several times and after the 10th attempt, they finally logged in to the account. So to solve the Microsoft Minecraft Aka.Ms/Remoteconnect Error then follow these mentioned steps and login yourself in one go.

Why am I facing the Aka?MS/remoteconnect error while login into the game?

The main reason you are facing this is to log in to your account from a different device or login to an account with a new device that the device does not recognize at first time. While login to the account you have to first enter the code and then access your Minecraft account. So sometimes due to wrong code or mismatch in code remote connect errors occur. The other reason behind this is from where you downloaded the game. This is not a big issue but you have to attempt code several times. If you are already logged into a Microsoft account in the other remote device that is why when you add a new device it will show an error. So if you are switching to the option too often then do follow these steps to solve the issue every time you login into Minecraft on devices.


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Follow the guide for different devices to solve the Aka. ms/Remote control error.

First, we would like to mention that you check your internet connection. If you are logging in from the same device and still facing the same issues then check the internet and try to log in again after restarting the router.

The different issues and the solutions are mentioned below;

The source of the download:

If you are recently facing the issue of Microsoft Minecraft Aka.Ms/remoteconect then the first thing you need to do is uninstall the game and then download the game again from the official website of the Minecraft game or from the console website. The game will not charge you again for the download. Then try to login again.

How to Microsoft Minecraft Aka.Ms/Remoteconnect Error in Xbox version:

Minecraft: Bedrock edition has the crossplay option. So if you wish to play the game on the other device then download the game from the official website on both devices for a fluent experience.

  1. First open the game in the main device
  2. Then open the remote connect option
  3. A code will be generated on the screen
  4. Now log into the device on which you want to play
  5. click on this link
  6. The page will ask for the code generated on your device
  7. Enter the code and you will be logged in to your account instantly.

How to Aka.Ms/Remoteconnect Error in PS4 version:

The remote connect option is only available for the new version. You can get the remote connect option on the PS4 by just updating the game.

  1. First make sure you downloaded it from the PS4 official website and on the other remote device from the respected website.
  2. Login to the PS4 and save the game before commencing to code. After saving the game successfully find the remote connect option on the screen.
  3. Generate the code on the screen
  4. Now login to another device and open the Microsoft account on that device.
  5. Now open and copy the same code to the other device and you will be logged successfully.

How to fix the Aka.MS/remoteconnect issue in the Nintendo Switch:

To get the remote connect option from the Nintendo Switch to the other device

  1. First login in to the Minecraft game then open the remotely connect option from the Microsoft game login
  2. Now open the other device where you want to remove the game from the Nintendo
  3. Open the link and on screen, the screen pops up with the code
  4. Now enter the eight-digit code generated on the Nintendo Switch
  5. Press enter and you will login the different device with the Nintendo game progress you left

The game data saving:

In the game sometimes what happens is the unusual corrected files saved in the device which leads to various issues in the device. This issue does not occur with all but to solve the issue.

First, save the game in the cloud and then delete all the data from the device.

Now download the game from the respective source of the device and login to your Microsoft account then back up the data.


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Restart, logout and reinstall:

If the device you are changing is facing an issue, the one is corrupted data. This data will make the process slow, lag, and glitch. So sometimes due to this corrupted file in your device, you won’t be able to login. To remove this corrupted data you can either restart the game or reinstall the game.

When you restart the game most of the cache data will be removed after that. The game will run smoother and will easily switch the accounts.

The same applies in the reinstall process, you have to first save the data and logout from the game>uninstall>refresh>install again. Login your ID back in the game and you are ready to go.

At last, we would like to mention use this link to easily log in to your Microsoft Minecraft game account on the other device. If you don’t want to use the link then you can’t restart or reinstall the game and process again to remotely connect the game.

Nonetheless don’t forget to check the internet connectivity sometime after adding the correct code but the link too much time to respond due to lack of connectivity and shows an error.

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