What Is Quality Score In SEO And How Does It Matter?

With the rise in online marketing, thousands of advertisers want their advertisement to be ranked highest on search engine results pages. Usually, for a set of specific keywords, ads are shown on top of results pages till the advertiser is willing to pay Google for the number of clicks. 

But as the number of advertisers and knowledge on digital marketing is on the rise, there has been a new concept of a quality score. As Google selects an Ad depending on how relevant the keywords are, they decided to stick a number or score to it. This number helps Google understand the relevance of the Ad and whether the Ad will get maximum clicks or not. 

How Does Quality Score Work?

Every keyword the advertiser has used is assigned a number or score ranging from 1 to 10. Score 1 is the lowest, and 10 is the highest, or it means the word is of great relevance.  This score is basically an average of the relevance the keyword holds across auctions. The quality score is used for the advertiser and Google to understand where it stands and is not used to rank the ad.

What is actually used to rank ads, however, is known as the real-time quality score. This score is not conveyed to the advertiser. This fluctuates often and differs with every search made.

Google Ads provides advertisers with high-quality leads. For advertisers to use these leads, they need to select the keywords they use and write highly compelling ads. 

When they accomplish this, they can reduce their Cost Per Clicks, also called CPCs. To get an idea of the average CPC paid by advertisers on Google Ads.  Read more @ WhatsMySERP.com provides a free online browser extension for keyword research. 

If a low-quality score is hampering your ad reach, consider increasing the relevance. WMS keyword tool allows the advertiser to know which results turn up for many keyword searches.

How Is The Quality Score Estimated?

Earlier Google used something known as ‘click-through rate’ to determine the relevance of keywords. Since the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Google has come up with quality scores. 

Google uses big data and a combination of machine learning strategies to determine the quality score of a keyword. Quality score can be summed up as a measure of the relevance of a keyword and ad when compared to every search a user makes. Google uses algorithms that estimate what users will look for in the future using what they click on the SERP

An advanced search tool for SERP is the WMS reliable keyword checker. Another tool for SERP available on WMS is on typing out a keyword; you can view a graph of its visibility. 

You can also view the ranking history, ranking distribution, and average position of a keyword on WMS, which are all ranking checkers for SEO. There are many other free online Advanced SERP tools available on WMS.

Why Is The Quality Score So Important?

  • The Quality Score Decides If the Ad Will Participate In Ad Auctions

If a particular ad scores very low in its quality score, it means it does not contain relevant data and keywords. Since Google is paid for every click on an ad, it does not entertain ads that will most likely not even be clicked. 

There are many advertisers interested to be involved in ad auctions. By eliminating those ads with a low-quality score, Google increases its chances of earning money by user clicks on ads that will most likely be clicked. 

Using the WMS rank checking tool, one can check any keyword and know its position, even for the last 30 days. It auto-updates daily, and one can refresh the tracker as often as they like.

  • The importance Of Ad Ranks

Once an ad gains entry into the ad auction, Google takes into consideration their bid value or max Cost per click, relevance, and factors such as ad extensions. Further, every ad is assigned a score and, ultimately, a rank. Based on this rank, it is placed on the SERP.

  • The CPC Is Lower

Another advantage if the Quality score or QS is higher is that they can pay a less amount to Google to maintain the same position or rank.

How Can An Advertiser Raise Their Quality Score?

Add relevant keywords to your ad. This will increase the likelihood of your ad being clicked. Try to reduce the range of themes you cover. User experience after landing on your landing page is very important in determining whether the user turns back or stays on your page. Deep linking is when you link a specific landing page and no your home page. Ensure the landing page and the keywords you used in your ad are highly relevant.


Concluding, I would say that the quality score is as important as a large bid. Ads with more relevance can beat those ads which have higher bids. You can also use new words that have not been repeatedly used as keywords before, which are specific to your product or service. 

Kishan Rana

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