Optimo Cigars Influence on Hip Hop Culture: Lesson 101

When you light up an Optimo cigar, you’re getting more than just premium tobacco in an all-natural leaf wrapper. You’re getting a taste of history.

Indeed, these cigars have premium wrappers and have been smoked by premium rappers! We’re talking, of course, about Optimo cigars and their many references in hip hop culture. Similarly, Optimo has been giving the rappers who love them plenty of shout outs in return. 

Hip Hop and Optimo Cigars have one of those deep relationships that won’t die out. Master P, Das EFX, and Puff Daddy are all known Optimo Cigar enthusiasts. 

However, the most infamous lover of the Optimo cigar line may have been the Notorious B.I.G. himself! 

In honor of Biggie, Optimo has even commissioned multiple artistic masterpieces to commemorate the rapper who changed both the music industry and the cigar industry forever. 

Below, we will take a look at the history of this iconic brand and how some of the most influential hip hop artists have changed the way that everyone smokes cigars. 

Hip Hop and Optimo Go Hand in Hand

There’s nothing like kicking back with a premium Optimo cigar. Made in Jacksonville, Florida with nothing but 100% quality-grade tobacco, these hand-wrapped all-natural leaf cigars are legends themselves. 

Optimo has been producing premium cigars for over 100 years. Established in 1898, gained acclaim to fame in the 1990s, especially in New York, Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee. Today, Optimo’s top brand ambassador is none other than Juicy J himself. However, hip hop artists have been sending shout outs Optimo’s way for generations. 

Hip hop references to Optimo include Das EFX’s “40 & A Blunt” from 1994 album Hold It Down, where he reminds listeners that Optimo cigars are one of the only brands that he holds in esteem. Then, in 1995, Master P worked on the hit “Gettin’ High” on the album Down South Hustlers: Bouncin’ & Swingin’. He let everyone know that he has the blunts and Optimos!

The Notorious B.I.G. essentially immortalized the Optimo brand after he referenced their cigars in his hit single. Meanwhile, as rappers down south began speaking to a national audience in the ’90s, Optimo quickly became the cigar of choice of an entire generation. 

In states like Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee, Optimo was crowned king by blunt smokers and hip hop lovers alike. Optimo still remains a legacy around the world and has earned its rightful place in the halls of hip-hop history. 

Biggie and Optimo: An Infamous Artistic Partnership Between Two Classic Icons

Still, no other artist has been as influential as an Optimo cigar brand lover as the Notorious B.I.G. has. He referenced his passion for Optimo cigars alongside Puff Daddy in the all-time classic hip hop hit, “Big Poppa”. 

The primo OG Brooklyn native rapper and the unique sweet cigars have been associated with each other for decades now. Today, Optimo still sends love and appreciation Biggie’s way, working hard to make sure that the current generation doesn’t forget his legacy. 

Optimo Cigars recently even held an art contest to celebrate the life and legend himself. In honor of the New York rapper, they started an art project inviting local artists and hip hop lovers to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his 1994 debut album release. Three larger than life murals were painted to commemorate the larger than life rapper, his life, his legendary status, and his grandeur. 

These Biggie Smalls commemoration murals were commissioned and painted in Atlanta, GA, and Brooklyn, NY by contest winners. Two of the winners of the contest were a Seattle art teacher named Hoa Hong and an Ohio artist named Clinique Smith. You can see the Atlanta mural for yourself located at the Banshee restaurant on 1271 Glenwood Ave. SE. in ATL, GA. 

R.I.P. Big Poppa – We Love You, Never Forgotten!

Top Loved Rappers and Tobacco Leaf Wrappers Roll Together in Harmony

As you can see, the relationship between Hip Hop Culture and Optimo Cigars goes deep. Understanding how the brand and the artists work together lets you truly appreciate the heritage of Optimo cigars. So, the next time you smoke an Optimo cigar or cigarillo, you can remind yourself that legendary artists have been enjoying them in the same way since 1994! 

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