We are all aware of the fact that the food industry is growing at a nonstop pace. With corona amidst the whole food industry has shifted online and the food sites have climbed up the ladder by 33% increase in search volume. Whereas the search for online pharmacy rose to 238% and pharma delivery keyword search was increased by 184% for 8 months.

Keeping all these stats in mind, UAE web traffic analysis indicates that there is an increase in the grocery delivery services in the UAE as well while contributing to this statement the world economic forum said that through mobile app development UAE’s 2020 market value for e-commerce is going to see a rise by 27.2 Billion USD.
With the increasing demand for online grocery apps as well we can see many new strategic players and entrants in the grocery industries and of course, they have indeed proved to be potential in this domain. Considering his opportunity s an asset DXB apps can help you develop an app that will stand out in the UAE’s market-leading to higher revenues for your business. DXB app also specializes in mobile app development that provides your customer with a high-quality experience.

Why is the future of online grocery store is so bright?

⦁ Flexibility of time

In today’s modern work culture there is no room for any extra time being wasted by the consumer. A city irrespective of its size people are still not willing to go across the street. As a part of this culture online grocery comes in very handy as it saves time and the hassle of going to the store.

⦁ Warehouse investment

Making it a cost-affordable business, mobile app development of grocery stores can also lead to less warehouse investment and handling costs as e-grocers can easily make a base in one part of the city preferably in the middle so that deliveries can be made easier to handle. It also comes with affordable and a variety of scrutinizing options which eliminates all the overhead expenses of the grocery store.

⦁ Fixed price shops

This could be the biggest relief for someone who owns the store as online the consumer cannot bargain. An e-grocer has a variety of options and deals to choose from which creates a win-win situation for him and if the consumer still isn’t satisfied with the price they can simply look or alternatives. With mobile app development you can make various improvements in the app anytime you want. Good quality comes with price fluctuation which is to be offered to the customer as well

⦁ Multiple shopping at once

This is the feature that brings the utmost comfort to the consumer as you can purchase everything while being in your bed with just one click. You can order various things in one go which also saves the cost of delivery again and again. For a consumer who buys groceries for the week can be entertained as well and the shopper who buys grocery every day can also be entertained

⦁ All information under one roof

You are offered with complete information about the products that you want to buy moreover; you can also compare the products and pick the one with higher reviews and ratings
Pointers to keep in mind while making an online grocery app:

⦁ Add features

Simplification is what attracts the consumers the most nowadays user doesn’t want a lot of notifications and reminders by the products that they already have in the search history. Thus keeps a required smooth surface to search for the app and making any new features using mobile app development justified.

⦁ Avoid complex registration and logins

Privacy is the main concern of the consumer but all the hassle that comes with complex login confuses the consumer and might lead to the consumer stopped using the app. So you need to keep the functionalities simple and accurate
⦁ Step ahead from pickup and delivery
A shopping list is considered to be the first step In the purchasing journey and this counts as one of the biggest reasons why Dubai has shifted towards online mobile app development. More people are turning in e-grocers and the app also needs to be fast in terms of delivery, precisely what the consumers want. Make your app stand out in the online business industry with special and different features that provide the best consumer experience.

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