Tips To Choose The Best Beach Chair

Are you a beach person and looking for the most comfortable beach chair on which you can vent your all the exhaustion? If yes, you are on the right page because I will tell you the tips to choose the best beach chair. If you do not have a comfy beach chair, your beaching will be tedious and hectic rather than relaxing. But before buying a beach chair, you must know what makes the best beach chair. Without knowing the tips to select the best chair, you will not make a valuable purchase. So, do not rush yourself here and there, and stick to this post.

Before going towards the tips, let us see which types of beach chairs are available. So, you can pick your style first.

Types Of Beach Chairs

Beach chairs come in three types, including classic beach chairs, chaise lounge beach chairs, and zero gravity chairs.

Class Beach Chair

Classic beach chairs can never fail you. These chairs are genuinely classic as they come in vibrant colors. These colorful folding chairs are designed with comfortable arms, and you can get quickly on your relaxing mode on these beach chairs. Also, a classic beach chair allows a decent weight capacity of about 200 to 300 pounds. So, it could be the best type to choose from.

Chaise Lounge Beach Chair

If you are looking for a handsome beach chair where you can easily tan your full body or take longer naps, then a chaise lounge beach chair is exactly what you are looking for. These beach loungers are vexatious to carry but very reclining. You can easily flipflop your body on these loungers. Multi-position chairs or loungers will allow you to lean back and relax in your comfortable positions. You can also put your feet up on the loungers. Saying hello to a beautiful sunny day will be even more convenient with these beach loungers.

Zero Gravity Beach Chair

Zero gravity beach chairs offer you an infinite reclining. Manufacturers of these beach chairs are fully inspired by the NASA technology as there is no hanging upside down, so of course, these beach chairs are super comfy. These chairs release the pressure on the back and spine but do not allow flat reclining.

Tips To Choose The Best Beach Chair

After picking up the type of beach chair you are looking for, you need to take these tips for choosing the best beach chair. So, let us get to them.


Portability adds a plus in a beach chair. Find a chair that is portable and is not a drag for you. You should have a chair that does not become an obtrusion in your sudden plans. Folding beach chairs is the best as you can fold them quickly, put them in the car, and head towards the beach. These chairs are also lightweight and while buying a beach chair, make sure it comes with a carrying bag and a shoulder strap so that you can carry it easily.

Framework Materials

The stability and durability of your beach chair depend on the framework materials. If the buildup is of sturdy materials, then you will not have to worry about longevity. You can buy a beach chair for the following materials.


  • It is the most common buildup material of outdoor chairs.
  • Beach chairs of aluminum material are robust and strong.
  • These beach chairs are relatively light in weight.
  • Offers resistance to weather conditions.
  • Prevents the beach chair from getting rusty even with zero maintenance.
  • Aluminum beach chairs provide long life, and these chairs worth the money.


  • Wooden beach chairs are classy and most traditional ones for a beach setting.
  • Wood material promotes durability and reliability.
  • Generally, wooden beach chairs use solid oak or solid ash hardwood.
  • These beach chairs come with a protective oil finish or marine-grade varnish.
  • For remarkable longevity, go for the teak wood.


  • These beach chairs allow great strength and elasticity.
  • Steel is not as sturdy as aluminum.
  • Its powder-coated finishes give longevity to the outdoor life.

Recycled Plastic

  • Beach chairs of recycled plastic are of top-notch quality.
  • These beach chairs offer never-ending long life.
  • Prevent erosion due to weather conditions, bacterial growth, saltwater, and much more.

Choosing The Right Size

While choosing a beach chair, you must select the right size first. Otherwise, you will not relax on this; somewhat, you will tire yourself. Beach chairs size chart offers you the following dimensions of a beach chair:

Standard Size

  • Standard size beach chairs offer seat height between 8 and 12 inches.
  • Most of the people find the standard size beach chairs comfortable.

Low Seat Size

  • Low sized beach chairs are under 8 inches.
  • It is easier to catch sun rays and play in the sand with these chairs.

Tall Seat Size

  • Tall sized beached chairs are above 13 inches.
  • These beach chairs are more feasible to get into it.

Oversized Beach Chair

  • The size of this chair varies by width and depth.
  • It is best for those looking for roomier size chairs.

Other Features Making A Beach Chair The Best

Some additional features make a beach chair the best and luxurious. These features are as follow:

Towel Bars

Beach chairs with towel bars are very convenient as they provide you the home for hanging your towel to get dried quickly.


People who do not love to get exposed to the sun that much prefer a beach chair with an umbrella or canopy. So, if you buy a beach chair with this accessory, then you will have a back up even if you do not need it at first.

Cup Holder

Having a beach chair with a cup holder saves you from the tiredness of holding a cup more and enjoying the beach less.


Know you must be aware about your needs and wants. Every beach chair is designed perfectly for its specific person. So, make your choice accordingly so that beaching will bring more joy and calmness to your day. 

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