The All-New Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Price and Specifications

Here is something we can all agree on; communication is vital to human nature. We are social animals, after all. That is why, in each era, we have come up with ingenious devices to magnify human interaction.

You must be able to remember the ‘telephone set’ from your childhood. An antique device, with a separate receiver and rotary dial, sitting on your living room coffee table, which you would use to talk to your friends for hours on end.

Then came the ‘smartphone’. A sleek and slim gadget that could easily fit in your pocket and serve not only the communication purpose but so much more. A smartphone opened up new avenues for consumers. Today this device is used as a gateway to connect to the internet cloud and perform multiple advanced functions.

However, what I am presenting to you is the next step in the evolution of human networking, a technological wonder going by the name of a ‘smartwatch’. This epitome of coolness, not to mention, an incredible tool of convenience comes under the category of wearable tech. It is a portable device having integrated smartphone features, like a touchscreen interface, apps, calling options, internet connectivity, smart sensors, etc. Plus, it is designed to be worn on the wrist.

You must have come across the popular Apple Watch and other Samsung Gear varieties of wearable tech. However, the latest smartwatch that is making a sizable impact on expectations is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, marking the brand’s epic comeback.

What is New in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3?

More than one Size

This is seriously a consumer-catering option from a commercial point of view. Samsung’s previous releases were either ridiculously large or only suitable for people with smaller wrists. However, this takes the cake in customer satisfaction. The Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes—the 41mm and the 45mm (with the same features, but a relatively larger battery size i.e. 340 mAh). This gives you the opportunity of choosing the smartwatch variety that not only looks good but fits best on your wrist too. In addition to this, Samsung released a Titanium version of the Watch 3, which is only available in 45mm size.

Fitness Tracking

Have you been going on the regular morning jog around the park yet do not know how many calories you have burnt? Have you adopted a running workout program but cannot keep count of your progress? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then, no need to worry because the Samsung Galaxy Watch is here to be your fitness tracker. Packed with smart Health apps, this watch, conveniently wrapped around your wrist, can monitor your heart rate. In addition to this, it keeps track of your laps via its built-in GPS, the number of calories burnt, and even the steps you have taken throughout the day. If you are feeling low and demotivated, the Watch streams guided meditation sessions for you over the super-fast Spectrum internet packages, so you can relax and regain your focus.

Water Resilience

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is water-resistant, so you can wear it while swimming too. How cool is that? Plus, if it falls on the floor by mistake, there are around zero percent chances of it breaking. How so? Because it is made of the Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ which is the toughest one in existence, so far. This watch will be by your side no matter what. Such is its resilience and military-grade protection.

ECG and Other Specs

The Galaxy Watch operates using the super-advanced Tizen Based Wearable OS 5.5, Samsung’s brainchild. Moreover, it furnishes various sensors to deliver the best digital experience to the users. Some of the sensors include accelerometer, gyro sensor, barometer, the all-new electrical heart sensor (ECG), and light senor.

Other than that, it is LTE compatible and can be used with both iOS and Android. Plus, you can order it online and get a discount of $30 (Limited-Time Offer). The price for the 41mm Watch is $369.99 ($399.99 without discount) and for the larger 45mm is $399.99 ($429.99 without discount). The Titanium Watch 3 retails for $599.99 with no discount offer.

Final Words

To make the best out of your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, pair it with your internet-enabled smartphone and enjoy all that it has to offer. So, place your order today and get an amazing discount deal with Samsung.

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