Guide to moving to another state: Relocating tips

Are you planning of moving to another state? From packing your possessions to finding a cost-effective way to move, relocating to a new state is not an easy task. Luckily, we are here to help. We have compiled a guide to moving to another state for you to ensure a smooth move to your new home, which is as follows:

Pay a visit to the new state

The recommended first step to do before hiring long distance movers to move to a new state is to at least make one trip to your new city or state. This way, you can get a good feel for the location and various neighborhoods. Bring a guide book with you or head to the town’s visitor’s center for brochures, maps, and recommendations. If staying in a motel or hotel, ask the porter for some suggestions. You also able to get plenty of information on your new city and state through internet research and review sites.

Research about schools

Relocation is never easy on anyone. Children are especially resistant to change and a huge change such as immigrating might be frightening children. Have school-age children? If yes, research schools in your new city or state. If you plan to send your child to public school, determine which neighborhoods are associated with your schools of interest. To find top-rated schools in your new neighborhood.

Draft a budget

Relocating to another state is not cheap and easy at all. So someone has to budget first before relocating to another state. The average cost of hiring professional movers for an out of state move is 30 000. Keep in mind that even if you are planning a DIY move, you will have to pay for a truck rental, moving supplies, and various other expenses. To figure out your budget, start with how much you are willing and able to spend on the move. Then list out all necessary moving expenses. Remember to put a bit of extra money aside for unforeseen expenses. 

Research movers

It is very important to research your potential relocation companies because feeling confident that you chose the right moving companies will give you peace of mind when moving out of state. If you do decide to hire a moving company to help with the move, you have to make sure it is a trustworthy and reliable one. When researching moving companies, check out company reviews because there are the ones that show what people say or are saying about the relocation companies.

Find a place to live

Ideally, you would like to find a new place to live before you move. Unless you know the area well already, I recommend renting for the first 5 months while you get a feel for the city. To find a safe, budget-friendly place to live, hire a reputable estate agent to show you homes in your choice neighborhoods. Hiring a reputable estate agent is very important when moving to another state. An experienced real estate agent should be able to help guide you in your house hunting process. They should also know the market inside and out, and be able to help you with all legalities and paperwork. 

Come up with a packing plan

Packing always takes more time than you expect and nothing frustrates a moving company more than customers who are not ready on moving day. Before boxing up your things you have to come up with a timeline and plan for packing. It is recommended to pack all non-essentials first and pack essentials last. These should include kitchen items, dinnerware and toiletries. To make your packing and relocation easier and cheaper, donate items you won’t need in the new home to Old people’s homes, Orphanages just to mention a few.

Schedule and transfer your utilities

When planning to move out it is very important for you to contact your utility companies before you move. Utilities include internet, water and sewer, electricity, satellite, and security system. You have to tell them your move date and schedule to have service at your new home started either on your move date or a day prior likewise, have the utilities at your present spot shut off a day or two after your move date in the event that you have to return. By doing you will help yourself not to face any challenges if anything doesn’t go as planned.

There is no way around it: Moving is a handful.  But one surefire way to take control of your move is to put the right people on your team to help. If you have made it this far, you likely have a really solid plan put together for your move. If you still have some questions on how to plan a move to another state leave it in the comments!

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