Considerations for Your Porch Swing

Porch swings feature in the front porches of many modern homes, making them an addition worth considering. They add a classic touch to your outdoor experience and provide an avenue for families to build lasting memories. You can catch some fresh outdoor air, soak in the warmth of the sunshine, read a book and meditate as you rock away on your swing. However, to get the best swing for your porch, here are a few factors to keep in mind:


Your porch swing is only as good as its strength if you plan to spend a considerable amount of time on it. Low strength can pose a falling hazard and injuries, especially to young children and the elderly, who may not have enough agility to move away from the falling swing. Besides, a weak porch swing will require frequent repairs and eventual replacement. On the contrary, strong porch swings will be in use much longer, giving you value for money. Some of the strongest materials used in porch swings include teak and polywood.


When it comes to porch swings, cheap is often expensive, as it translates to weaker strength and the need for reinforcement and future replacement. However, a good quality swing to last you for decades will set you back a reasonable amount of cash. You can source your ideal swing from the porch wing store, who are stockists of various reputable brands. A top-notch porch swing will cost you about $200 with higher qualities attracting upto $900.If you lack a porch, prepare to spend money on a stand for your swing. Surprisingly, porch swing stands are more costly than stand-alone porch swings.


Different materials provide varying levels of durability. When it comes to wooden porch swings, teak, cedar and cypress stand out for strength and superior qualities like beautiful grains, resistance to decay and insect attack. These woods are also heavy, giving strength and durability to products. Do not let the cheap price of pine swings deceive you. Pine is light, making pine porch swings vulnerable to breakages. Other options include metal swings, polyethylene porch sings and swings made from wicker.


Your taste and preferences are important as you want to select a porch swng that you are proud of. If you find metal porch swings a little bit hideous, it is best to avoid them altogether. A porch swing should provide enough comfort to allow for relaxation while providing hints of your personality. Feel free to incorporate any extra features for a better experience; for example, glass slots will let you savour a glass of wine as you glide.


Choosing a material that is easy to clean and maintain is essential, especially if you have a busy schedule.  Fabric covers are rarely suitable for the outdoors as they easily attract dust and are adversely affected by moisture. On the other hand, materials like polywood can easily take a hose pipe wash as they dry quickly and don’t trap moisture.

With these considerations, you are sure to land the perfect porch swing for your home. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for better results and experience.

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