A Minimalist Approach To Reinventing You Style & Look

With a new year on the horizon, we all have resolved to do something special this coming year. For me, the new year’s resolution is to up my style game and play the diva in a minimalist way. Styling can be expensive; I know for a fact that the outrageous prices of designer clothes and fashion accessories have always hindered me to revamp my wardrobe.

The mighty internet and gracious fashion blogs have inspired confidence and I am eager to share the valuable advice I’ve applied during my journey of reinventing appearances within a minimal budget.

If your resolution of making 2020 the most fashionable year remains unachieved, then don’t lose heart. You’ve come to the ultimate shopping guide that can transform the look dramatically and make the coming year “fashion perfect” for all of us!

Wear confidence well

The primacy of confidence as a style booster is indisputable. I’ve learned by experience that being a fashionista requires courage. You would have to come out of your comfort zone and embrace all the eyes staring at you. Trust me, they will be appreciative stares because your bold look will have them entranced. The first thing you need to wear right before anything else is confidence. It has the power to recreate your image and style.


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Make peace

Let’s face it, when we get stuck in the past it gets impossible to move forward and change our future for the better. The same technique applies to the wardrobe. We all tend to hold onto ill-fit clothes that fail to flatter us simply because of their sentimental value.

Another thing we are guilty of is hoarding expensive, impulsive purchases at the back of the wardrobe; never using them but keeping around, because losing them feels like we just threw big bucks down the drain. But you’ve just got to do it!

If you can relate to any of the above cases then it’s time to declutter, donate, and move on. Trust me you will feel liberated and at peace.

Shop from your wardrobe

Next time you scan your wardrobe look at it from the perspective of a buyer. Imagine the clothes present in your wardrobe are in a shop instead. Ask yourself, would you buy these clothes now? If the answer is in the affirmative keep them but if your clothes fail to pass the test then wipe those tears and part ways.

Now you have clothes that are perfect for your style and enough space to add new items. Play around, mix, and match your new stuff with existing outfits and take them to the next level.

Generate money   

We all have those expensive clothes that we buy for a single occasion, such as a wedding or a high-class business dinner; never to wear again. You can sell them on platforms such as eBay and buy new clothes from the money you just made. In case you feel you might need that dress or suit one day, then earn by renting it out on online fashion – rental stores.

Accessories are advantageous

The most budget-friendly wardrobe updates are accessories. They effortlessly give the impression that you just purchased a new wardrobe when in reality they add a new character and more spice to your old, bland wardrobe.

For a glamorous look use accessories such as designer bandanas by high-quality brands like 4inbandana.com, engraved bracelets, and edgy jewelry.

Stylish clutches made from exotic leather or handbags with brass hardware are inexpensive and equally great for adding a touch of extravagance.

Love yourself

To summarize you can be uniquely stylish without a large bank balance and multiple walk-in closets over-flowing and cramped with big brands and designer clothes. Dress to express yourself and not to impress others.

You simply need to buy clothes that represent you, that you are proud to wear again and again because you love them so much.

Even women owning capsule wardrobes can be classy and stylish; shop wisely, love who you are, and dress accordingly.

Kishan Rana

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