Multiple Ads on Facebook Accounts

There are 2 ways in which you’ll be able to produce multiple ad accounts on Facebook. one in every one of them is that the legitimate, sanctioned, and restricted technique. the opposite is probably unlimited and unrestricted, however dangerous and technically against the Facebook ads terms of use.

How to build multiple ad accounts WITHOUT using the Business Manager

This method is a little convoluted but it runs.

Method for a Page you have not yet set up

  1. Log out of The Facebook
  2. Create a new (artificial) Facebook account with a separate email address
  3. Friend your regular Facebook Profile (this is important because it is the workaround way of adding new admins to a Page without the Facebook going all buggy)
  4. Go to the Facebook central page
  5. Make a page (
  6. Start a campaign in this different account (hit Build Audience and Use Ads Handler)
  7. Add you are regular Profile as admin to the ads-account

From now on you can control the ads from your normal Profile but the billing will be like those in the new business account and you will view this account in the Ads Handler as separate from your different accounts.

Hand over account manager ability and you can now delete the fake profile.

If you want to manage multiple ad accounts on Facebook with a single profile WITHOUT using Business…

Method for an existing Page

  1. Log out of Facebook
  2. Make a new (artificial) Facebook account with a separate email address
  3. Friend your regular Facebook Profile (this is important because it is the workaround way of adding new admins to a Page without Facebook working all buggy)
  4. Log back in as your usual Profile and give the artificial Profile Admin rights
  5. Log back in as the artificial Profile
  6. Continue to Page and start a campaign in this different account (hit Build Audience and Use Ads Manager)
  7. Add you are regular Profile as admin to the ads-account

Multiple Ads on Facebook Accounts

That is what your Ads Manager will look like with separate accounts (I have pixellated a client account for privacy purposes). See how short the Musicademy Ad ID is. That is how long I have been doing Facebook advertising!!

  • The Sketchy Method

The different, if you don’t have any friends willing to lend you their accounts and you don’t wish to use business manager, is to create a faux account. I’ve usually seen individuals try and use this for his or her lower quality advertising, their doubtless dangerous experiments, or simply as a result of their primary ad account was illegal by Facebook.

Before I tell you the way to try and do it, the primary factor I’m visiting tell you is that it’s dangerous to use. For one factor, it’s against the Facebook rules to possess quite one profile, and that’s what you’re doing; creating a second profile thus you’ve got a second account to play with. If Facebook catches you doing this, they will take all types of action. they may ban or take away your second account, they may suspend your access to ads entirely on your main account, and that they will even ban your main account, betting on however dangerous they feel your transgression was.

So, primarily what you’re doing is simply creating a second Facebook profile for a faux individual that appears real enough, so sanctioning that ad account. From there, you’ll either use the account as that user, otherwise you will add yourself as an admin thereto ad account and delete the account itself.

The second possibility here is a lot of doubtless legitimate, tho’ you continue to must follow all of the precautions I’ve listed below. Facebook is a smaller amount probably to accuse you of faking AN account if a) you’ve got admin management additional by somebody else and b) the first owner has been removed already. However, simply because the second account was deactivated doesn’t mean you’re safe; Facebook will still cite knowledge concerning it, and can undoubtedly explore it if you’re violating different Facebook ads terms. You want to need more extra information about it now then contact us through the help of Facebook helpline.

  • The Precautions

As I said, you would like to require precautions after you create a second account. Generally, this suggests keeping fully everything separate the maximum amount as potential. you would like this new profile to appear plausible, thus use a true name, a true location that isn’t simply your own location, and as near real-sounding data as potential. create some posts that make it sound like you’re AN actual new user finally giving in to victimization Facebook.

On a technical front, fully everything must differ from your default technique of accessing Facebook. Use a distinct pc if potential. If you’ve got to use the identical pc, use a distinct browser or a different user agent. confirm you write down which data has employed that account; any cross-contamination will cause your account being removed.

There is a lot of knowledge you would like to stay separate. you would like a distinct information science address, ideally completely different enough that Facebook can’t say “well they are still returning from the identical street, it’s most likely the identical person.” to the current finish, you would like to use an online proxy, and you would like a uniform proxy, not a free proxy.

There are 2 reasons for this. 1st of all, a free proxy is a lot of probably to get on Facebook’s shit list already and may need to be been used for this purpose by somebody else. It will you no smart to wear a mask if that mask was worn by a legendary serial killer, right? it would not lead back to you, however, it’ll definitely jeopardize your second identity.

Secondly, free proxies have problems. they could inject ads or snoop your data whereas you employ them, which suggests any personal or money data you set in through the proxy can be purloined. Since you’re about to use this for ads, you would like money data. Plus, free proxies are legendary for reprehension and disappearing, thus it’s entirely potential that your identity will collapse after you must amendment locations.

When employing a proxy, I like to recommend a personal proxy list, which suggests you’ll acquire it. try and opt for a proxy that’s a minimum of within the same country because the one you claim to reside in, and if potential, create the profile location data for your faux account match the identical basic geographical region because of the proxy. And, of course, try and confirm you’re invariably victimization the identical proxy anytime you access Facebook with this second account, and ne’er use it for your primary account.

Note Dear user if you want to more information or technical or nontechnical help you should call our Facebook customer service number.

Other data must be modified in addition. Your address, signal, and different such data ought to take issue in addition. It will you no smart to induce this so much so get spoiled by the identical signal. If you don’t wish to possess the effort of managing multiple phone numbers, you’ll use one thing sort of a forwarding variety from, or simply an easy Google voice variety.

Finally, you’ll want completely different payment data. If you employ a MasterCard for your main ad account, don’t use the identical card, or maybe the identical bank for the second account. you’ll open another checking account, however, that may be overkill. you’ll use PayPal, or another supply of paid cash, however, you’ve got to remember of all of the payment strategies and restrictions on them on Facebook. we have a tendency to coated a number of that over during this article.

Once you’ve got a whole second identity created, you’ll finally begin victimization Facebook ads through that second account.


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  • Why you would like a Second Ad Account?

The question, in any case of this work, is why does one wish to possess a secondary ad account anyways?

One reason is just that you just wish to run a lot of ads while not jeopardizing the standard score on your main account. Your second account will run ads you’d take into account a lot of risky, to determine however such odd ways work, while not consequence. Of course, with a lower quality score on your second account, those experiments are going to be costlier. this can be a doubtless viable reason to run quite one ad account, however, I still figure it’s higher to simply run the cheaper experiments with restricted length on your main account.

Another potential reason is that you are making an attempt to interrupt a rule. If you’re making an attempt to advertise a business or a product that’s otherwise illegal on Facebook, you wouldn’t wish to try and do it together with your main account. Of course, you’ll bear this method every few weeks or months once Facebook receives reports concerning your ads and bans your account. Then a lot of usually you’ve got accounts illegal, a lot of probably Facebook is to trace it back to you.

If you’ve been illegal from victimization Facebook ads before, you’ll produce another account to undertake to avoid the ban. I don’t advocate it, for all of the explanations higher than, however, it’s one thing you’ll do.

On the opposite hand, if you’ve got a reason like “I have 2 shoppers I want to run ads for” you’ll use one in all a lot of legitimate strategies. Have the shoppers produce their ad accounts and set you as admin or publicist on them, and you’ll be ready to run their ads with no need their data. You will additionally use a business manager for this use case.

Which technique you employ very comes all the way down to however well you would like to adjust to Facebook’s rules for no matter use case you’ve got. I usually don’t advocate of age Facebook’s dangerous side; they’ll take action, and generally, you don’t wish to get on the incorrect aspect of that action.


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