Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

If you want your business to be found on google through a simple search then performing search engine optimization should be the first priority. On top of that, there are many businesses offering the same services that you do and that’s why it is very easy to get lost in the pile of search rankings. Your online business will not be able to find new customers if it doesn’t rank on the first page of search results.

Why is SEO Necessary?

After searching anything on google, 33% of people click on the top result without even having a single thought. 75% of people don’t even bother clicking on the 2nd ranked page. This means that you are missing out on a lot of profit if you are not at the top. 

In today’s era, all established online businesses are trying their best to rank first using SEO. This means that it is difficult to skip SEO even if you are starting out as it takes a lot of experience and skills to rank at the top down the road. To learn in-depth about search engine optimization, you can enroll in digital marketing training in Vadodara

Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

Considering how much importance people give to the first ranked result, getting into the first page of SERP is not enough. If you also want to improve the organic ranking of your website then follow some of the suggestions given by us.

1. Publish Relevant and Informative Content

The first and most important step of improving the organic ranking of your website is publishing content that is relevant and informative. Relevant content refers to the content that your user finds helpful and engaging. No matter how much you improve SEO for other aspects, If your content does not provide the right information, then it will crumble against the competition. Content that is engaging and provides the right information keeps the user’s interest in reading more. This improves dwell time which refers to the time a user spends on a website before going back to the result page.

2. Update the Content Regularly

Publishing your content is one thing and making sure that it is updated regularly is another. Some of the information published by you today might not be true tomorrow. There are chances that Jeff Bezos is no longer the richest guy anymore. And not updating this information will lead to poor performance of that web page. That’s why you should either remove any unnecessary web page that is displaying false information or update it with the newer one. Also, Google indexes a page after every time you update it. So it makes sense to update content regularly for a higher search ranking.

3. Incorporate Long-tailed keywords

Using long-tailed keywords is one of the best ways of targeting the right audience. A long-tailed keyword contains three or more words while a short-tailed has less than three. For Ex. Using “red woolen sweater for women” as a keyword will bring relevant traffic that has chances of conversion. On the other hand, using only “woolen sweater” as a keyword will bring more traffic but people might not be interested in buying the sweater.

4. Improve the Homepage for your Website

Your home page is the first thing that a user notices on your website and it becomes very necessary to set a good impression. That’s why it should be attractive in a way that people would want to continue and land on the product page. If your homepage itself doesn’t provide necessary information or is difficult to understand, then potential customers will leave the website immediately. An increasing bounce rate is a clear sign that your home page is either boring or off-putting.

5. Make your Website Responsive on Different Devices

Your website should be responsive on different types of devices. Depending on the device being used your website should hide, show, enlarge, shrink or move some content. Especially, smartphones are one of the most common devices that most people own. And If you think about it, most of the searches are initiated on smartphones. When using on a mobile, if your website doesn’t align properly, the content is weirdly stretched out or someone has to use a different browser just to access your site, then it will have a bad impression on the user and he/she might not come back.

6. Improve The Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of SEO. Pages should load quickly to keep the user more engaged. If it takes an unusually long time to load all the elements of a page then the user will be happy to leave and try somewhere else. 

No matter whether someone is using your website on mobile, desktop, or iPad, your pages should load quickly on all the devices. Usually, a page loading speed of 3 seconds or less is considered a good speed. One of the reasons why a webpage could be taking longer to load is because of unoptimized images or infographics. So make sure that the images are optimized. 

7. Include Content in the form of Videos

Videos are without an argument the most versatile form of content. Videos appeal to all social media platforms and can be understood by all age groups. That’s why including videos in your content/website can benefit you a lot in ranking higher in the search engine.


SEO is not some sort of trend that’s going to end in the future. For a successful online business, there is no replacement to it. Even if you are just starting out, following the tips that we mentioned will help you a lot with the basic implementation of SEO. Our personal recommendation would be to not rush and implement everything at once. Master a few SEO strategies first and then move on to another one. 

Kishan Rana

Kishan Rana is a SEO Consultant and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years of experience in SEO. He loves Blogging Very Much.

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