Important Things You Must Consider While Purchasing Dump Trailers

Dump trailers are a key necessity in manufacturing industries these days. They are a great way to increase revenue and often fall under the category of profitable deals. Dump trailers come handy for hauling asphalt, demolition material, and other stuff. Although they are quite similar to pepper trucks and grain trucks in their operation, it is a pain to deal with them at times. Why? Simply because of the fact that selecting the best dump trailer is not easy.

Buying the best dump trailer suitable to the user requirements is easier said than done. Several variations of these rendering trailers are available in the market out of which one needs to select the best as per their requirements. Let’s have a quick look at what factors need to be considered while purchasing a dump trailer so that you do not incur unforeseen losses –

Is It Cost Effective?

A dump trailer is something that you can’t buy every other day. It is a long term investment and you need to give your best shot. Depending on your requirement, you need to see whether you should buy a brand new trailer or a second hand would serve the purpose just fine. For instance, second hand aluminium dump trailers can help you hauling asphalt with ease without spending a fortune.

It is a fact that dump trailers generate attractive revenue for the buyer, but it is also to be noted that they are a very expensive buy. New dump trailers incur more buying costs but lesser maintenance costs; whereas old ones are comparatively cheaper to buy but come at the cost of more maintenance, based on their condition at the time of purchase. The other key aspect to be looked into is the fuel consumption incurred during usage. There is no fun in buying a dump trailer that costs you a lot of fuel, thus adding to your expenses.

How Easy Is It To Operate?

A lot of buyers tend to ignore this but the weight of the dump trailer plays an important role later. While investing into one, you must consider what weight it is adding to the truck and if it would be feasible to carry the load or not. Dump trailers increase the length and weight of the truck, citing which some truck drivers may find it hard to operate them. This may even require the driver to change their driving approach for safe operation.

Another aspect is the safety involved in handling the heavy materials transported by the dump trailers. You can’t buy a low weight trailer for supporting heavy load. As simple as that!

Does It Require Additional Dump Trailer Equipment?

For their price, dump trailers are expected to meet all the expected outcomes. This is partially true, as dump trailers often need some other basic equipments for efficient operation. These added equipments need to be bought separately and come at an added cost. So, you need to see if these additional cost are in your budget or not.

In general, new dump trailers are equipped with components like Scissor hoist, Ramps, Cross-member spacing, Radial Tires, LED Lights, battery charger and tube rear bumper. In case you are buying a second hand trailer, you may need to invest additionally into these.

Is There Need For Any Additional Insurance?

Like all other vehicles on road, dump trailers need to be registered. Thus, before you buy a second hand trailer (or even a brand new one), you must see if it has all the documents ready or not. The specifications of the insurance vary based on the geography of usage. For instance, in USA, this depends on factors like the state of living, state of usage of and so on. Another key aspect to be ensured here is the property coverage that can handle any unforeseen events such as traffic accidents.

How Good Is The Dump Box?

Another key point to take note of while purchasing dump trailers is the choice of the dump box. For instance, if the dump box has a lot of rust on it, it is a red flag. Discard that dump box immediately. Rust deteriorates the performance of the dump box and is not good for a long life. In addition, the buyer needs to ensure that all the required elements of a dump box like scissor hoist, combo gate, spare tire mount, diamond plate fenders, radial tires etc are intact.

Is The Hydraulic Lift Cylinder Working Fine?

Hydraulic lift cylinders are at the heart of dump trailers. Before purchasing a dump trailer, the buyer needs to ensure fitness of the lift cylinders thoroughly. If ignored, this may result in added repair and maintenance cost later, thus making it a not-so-profitable deal. In case you are a novice, it is recommended that you call an expert for assistance.

How Long Is The Battery Life?

Dump trailers work on battery. A longer battery life means efficient performance. Going by the market standards, two popular chargers available are the solar charger and the AC charger. While solar chargers are useful in regions with high temperatures, AC chargers work well in just about any region. They can be used wherever there is a provision of outlets for power supply. You may need to plug in the charger overnight for good results.

How Good Are The Tires?

Not many dump trailer buyers are experienced enough to judge the quality of tires before buying. The tires can be radial or bias ply depending on the trailer. Bias ply tires are significantly weaker than radial tires, but are comparatively cheaper. This is one of the reasons why manufacturers tend to use them to attract buyers. The consideration of tires, however,  vastly depends on the load requirements of the buyer.

Thus, these were some of the important factors that need to be considered while purchasing a dump trailer. Striking a good deal requires a lot of careful evaluation and assessment on the buyer’s part. It is a continuous contrast between cost and quality. While you can’t compromise on quality, the trailer must fall into your budget too. After all, why would anyone want to invest into a not-so-profitable deal in the name of quality? In case you feel that it is not your cup of tea, it is always a good idea to roll a mechanic in. Being in safe hands will save you a lot of meaningless trouble and help you achieve your business goals. Good luck!

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