The Seeds of Success – Gardening With Kids Plow Life Skills

Quite often, people disregard gardening as a waste of time for children, dreaming that investing time and money only in other extracurricular activities like sports etc will boost their well-being. Unfortunately, they overlook the fact that these seemingly trivial activities unknowingly serve the best of objectives.

Gardening is not just an activity. It is an art, a deeper life skill! One needs to be naturally interested and inclined towards gardening to do it the right way. It won’t be an exaggeration if we claim that gardening can help the parents sow the seeds of success in their child’s mind. The mind of a child is quite like a clean slate. They tend to grasp these lessons as fast as a water-deprived plant absorbs water. Emphasising the fact further, the post concentrates at prominent life skills that children can learn through gardening and how these seeds of success sown early bear fruit later.

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Standing up for your actions

An often ignored fact is that gardening sows the seeds of responsibility in the minds of children. It inspires the children to accept and take responsibility for the activities they are involved in. As a child sows a seed and sees the plant undergoing development day by day, the child learns to be patient in life and wait for their effort to bear fruit.

They learn to take up the challenges of life with confidence. Understanding their responsibility towards everything else teaches priceless lessons to them in terms of accepting people and their mistakes as they are, without complaining every minute, thus becoming more and more isolated. This nature of accepting responsibility enables them to undertake activities with extreme confidence, passion and brings out the winning attitude.

Boosts creativity

What else can boost creativity and imagination among children, if not gardening? As a lot of people misunderstand, creativity is not about shutting themselves off from the outside world and penning down their thoughts with the vigour of a lion. Creativity is all about opening up one’s mind and gaining exposure on several aspects of life.

Through the processes involved in gardening such as selection of the plants, techniques to make them grow better and healthier, and several other activities involved, gardening nourishes the wings of creativity in children and aspires them to fly well ahead of others. Moreover, these days with the availability of modern gardening tools, parents can easily introduce the children to the world of gardening in a fun manner.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Are you sick of worrying about the quality of food your children consume? No worries! With some prerequisites and a little effort, you can set up a mini kitchen garden of your own and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetable at ease. Rather than investing in useless toys, invest in quality gardening tools like a tailgate spreader, high quality seeds, fertilizers etc and see your children being productive!

Apart from that, such activities will imbibe the importance of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle among the children at a young age. These values will help for a lifetime and probably up to a time when they are busy worrying about nutrition for their own children!

Patience and Perseverance

It is patience that turns a caterpillar into a butterfly, a seed into a fruit and a boy into a man. Gardening teaches a child to be patient and consistent. Right from sowing the seed to watering it daily, from ensuring proper supply of sunlight to using Ag spreaders in an optimum way, a child learns to be patient.

Rather than being an overprotective parent, allow your child to take their own decisions and face life bravely. You can begin with letting them decide what to grow, the choice of seeds and gradually proceed towards making important decisions like which litter spreaders are the best, which fertilizers ensure optimum growth and so on.

It is easier to preach a child about the importance of being patient. However,it will be effective only if children themselves see patience bearing fruit. When a child sees the output of their effort in stages, they realize that being patient may be painful at first, but pays the fruits for sure.


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How many of us crave for independence in life? Amidst being dictated every second of our life, we die craving for freedom. Being independent implies taking our own decisions and accepting the consequences of them.

Gardening is not just fun for children, it also makes them more independent and self-sufficient. Beginning with trivial decisions like the choice of plants for gardening, children learn to make important decisions like choosing the right lime and fertilizer spreaders, following the right steps for the growth of plants, not depending on other people for help, and taking ownership of their decisions, whatever be the outcome, and working with more passion, planning and perseverance in the following attempts.

Accepting Life As It Comes

It is a fact that even if you are quite intellectual and know something inside out, things can go wrong and plans can fail. Be it destiny, fate or God, some things are beyond our control.

Likewise in gardening, despite the best of our efforts, some plants may die an untimely death. This teaches a child to accept the loss and move on in life without regrets. As long as one is giving their best, they must not think about the outcome. It teaches children to accept life as it is while surrendering to factors beyond their control.

The Value of Love

Would anyone want to live a life devoid of love? Gardening teaches children to fall in love with nature and nurture their plants with love in addition to mechanical elements. It inspires children to explore the world in its entirety and seek a life full of love and compassion. The love of humans and even creatures may not be devoid of sound, but the love of plants is silent, the most sacred form of love.

Gardening, if done the right way, can teach a child a lot. It is an activity with amazing learning opportunities. Gardening automatically instills passion, love and a winning attitude in children thus preparing them for a life full of hardships with eradicates the fear of failure and inspires the children to take the life bull by the horn. This fearlessness and never-say-die attitude is then propagated on to their adulthood. Happy parenting!

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