6 habits that would keep men healthy till old age

Ever heard about the ‘blue zone’? It is an area marked where the majority of people live longer than the average lifespan. Currently, there are five blue zones, Okinawa, Sardinia, Nicoya, Icaria and Loma Linda. So, what actually do men need to do to stay healthy till old age. This article will stress the what habits must men adopt to remain healthy till old age. Food habits determine a whole lot of things about us. The way we think, behave and understand things, our physique, psyche and every aspect of health are determined by our habits. But unfortunately, due to various reasons men fail to give the required attention to habit.

And hence, the result is that most men suffer from chronic disorders during old age. Correcting food habits is not rocket science but still, the will to do is absent in many. And what we get is the majority of men using Cenforce 200 mg and Fildena 100 mg. But you can prevent this by following the below given 6 food habits.

Eating timely

This may not seem an interesting tip because everybody knows it. But this is the problem that solution is known to everybody but no one implements in their life. We have been listening to our parents, teachers and doctors telling us to eat food timely. But we hardly listened to their advice, but ultimately, they are proved correct. Eating food timely creates a rhythm in the mind and the body gets habituated to it. So, when it is not time for a meal, you wouldn’t feel hungry. Your hunger will be experienced only when the time for a meal comes. This will help you do other work with full efficiency and in a fixed routine. Haphazard consumption of food is the main reason for gut problems.

Giving up addiction

Addiction may seem cool in movies when the protagonist smokes a cigarette or says cheers. But in reality, it is not cool but unhealthy. Doctors have come up with the fact that being addicted reduces your lifespan by 5 to 6 years. And if the addiction is combined with obesity, then the deduction of lifespan may be reduced by 10 years. So, what kind of pleasure it is when ultimately it has reduced your age. So, if you are not addicted then don’t fall into the trend of FOMO (fear of missing out). There are plenty of other exciting things to do. But if you are addicted then overcome it as soon as possible, go to a doctor and get admitted to a rehabilitation centre.

Getting sound sleep

Sleep is another underrated activity that determines the health of a man. Not getting sound sleep can harm the sleep cycle, memory power, intelligence and behavioural patterns. Such a person develops disorders like depression, memory loss (short-term), anxiety, insomnia etc. The person also gets a sleep attack, when suddenly while working he may fall asleep and then wake up after a few minutes or hours. To remain healthy till old age, managing sleep is important. You cannot function at full potential without sound sleep. All the day you will remain lazy and sleep in patches whenever you get free time. Plan out a schedule where you finish all the work and get 5 to 6 hours to sleep undisturbed.


Exercise is a vigorous physical activity but actually, it has benefits both physically and mentally. It keeps the blood circulation at optimum levels so each organ receives an adequate amount of blood to function with full efficacy. Exercise makes the tissues and muscles flexible for better movement and agility. Breathing patterns are improved, excess fat is burned and dopamine levels rise which uplifts the mood. Hence, exercise has also been found to ease stress and anxiety. The overall health turns positive and no need to take Vidalista 60 from Powpills if you do it regularly

Being with family

Family is our backbone and the biggest support system in life. Whenever we feel low or disturbed it is the family that comes to share our grief. Family teaches us the lesson to manage things and the benefits of the team effort. But due to modernisation men have started realizing that staying with family is regressive and boring. It does not give the opportunity to a man to do great things. At a young age, you may not feel the emptiness without family because you are all-time busy with work, and relationships as your hormones are bouncing resulting in mixed emotions. But when you are old and you have no one around you, that’s when regret comes.


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Reducing dependence on medicines

Medicines cure us of any disorder, from a minor cough to life-threatening cancer medicines are available for all of them. But to remain healthy we must not incline toward medicine for minor problems. Cold, cough and inflammation can be treated with ginger, garlic, turmeric and other items already available in our kitchen. We must use medicines only when it is cent per cent necessary. This is because medicines are chemicals, after all, the possibility of side effects persists. And using medicines every now can make you addicted to it, so use it only when without it improvement is impossible .

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