6 of the Coolest Technology Advances in Recent Years

Technology is cool. Being able to ride in a driverless car, or hop in a train that gets you to your location at the speed of light is exciting. While these big advances make transportation easier, there are plenty of other ways that individuals and society can benefit from technology. In recent years, it feels like technological advances have accelerated almost overnight. Some of the coolest technology advances will always be the ones that can solve the most complex of problems. Here are some of the best.

Brain Implants

Thanks to entrepreneurial genius Elon Musk, brain implants are transforming from science fiction to reality. Imagine being able to communicate with a loved one who couldn’t talk but was still able to function. Imagine a world where you could help paralyzed patients walk again. These are just two of the benefits that are expected with technological brain implants. These chips are elegant and designed to help improve the quality of life of patients with various neurological disorders.

Robotics in Industrial Environments

While no one is advocating for replacing the workforce with robots, there are plenty of ways that robotics can improve industrial environments. Companies like Sarcos know how to combine the best of human intellect with the strength and precision of robotics. By creating things like exoskeleton suits, teleoperated robots, and other robotic equipment, they are helping to transform industrial environments. These changes make workplaces not only safer, but also create opportunities to accelerate various projects.

Robotics in Medical Environments

Doctors are human too and with humanity comes the potential for errors. During long surgeries, they get tired, they carry bacteria on their hands and body, and when they work for long hours they can get exhausted and overworked. In medical environments, robotic arms and equipment are already being used with great success on patients.

The precision of the arm when combined with the understanding of the doctor means that surgeries are a collaboration between man and machine. These types of surgeries benefit from the sterility of the robotic equipment and the improved recovery time for patients after the procedure is done.


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Virtual Reality

This is more than gaming. VR technology has become so immersive that it feels real. The emotions and responses of people who experience various VR activities are shown to be as genuine as if they were actually happening. Virtual reality has many applications from helping businesses connect with clients remotely, to helping people learn new tasks and even various entertainment opportunities. They can also be used for education to create the feeling of being in a classroom when you are anywhere in the world.

Wearable Medical Devices

Managing many diseases, like diabetes for instance, can be complicated and overwhelming at times. Trying to decide exactly how much insulin you need, making sure your blood sugar doesn’t drop too low, and more can all be extremely difficult using older methods. In recent years medical technology companies have developed ways to monitor these levels more effectively using wearable devices on the wrist or upper arms. Then the information can be accessed in an app or through an interface on the wearable device. These devices are giving people more freedom to live their lives without carrying around test strips and other bulky devices.

3D Printing

Okay, while making coasters and action figures may not be what you would consider cool technology, the applications of 3D printing go beyond the home hobbies. What if you could 3D print a bone? What about creating houses from 3D printing technology? And what if you could impact the food supply by making 3D-printed meat? All of these are some of the coolest applications for this one type of technology.

With 3D printing in hand, biotechnology companies can produce some of the most amazing things. The medical applications are almost endless. Think about needing a new organ. What if it could be 3D printed in mere days, allowing you to live without needing a donor transplant?

It’s clear that technology has come a long way in recent years and that this acceleration is just getting started. When you look back in a decade, all of these advances will feel like dinosaurs as compared to the places technology will help people get to in the future.

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