What are some of the best internet providers in the US?

Finding an internet provider can be tricky if you are not familiar with the internet service providers, types of internet and their availability, and how the telecommunication industry works in the US. You can learn and discover most of the information online, like this. Therefore, in this article, we are going to focus on what are some of the best internet service providers in the US. This will help you quickly understand what works for you and worth spending money on. We encourage you to do your research and figure out what is the average usage in your house and subscribe to the ISP that checks all or most of the tick off your list. So, without further ado, let’s get started:


The possibility is that your region has Comcast’s Xfinity service because it’s available in 41 states in the US. Xfinity has internet speeds starting from 15 Mbps and goes up to 2 Gbps including per month charges which start from $39.99 which is a relief. The plan providing 200 Mbps with a monthly price of $39.99 is cost-effective as compared to 15 Mbps for $49.99 monthly. Xfinity even features multiple packages to compensate for the varying prices. One can also become an Xfinity Mobile subscriber if he is an Xfinity user already. Xfinity Mobile provides limitless text, talk, and data accounting for $45 for the month through Verizon Towers. In case anyone wants limited packages for data, the 3GB, 10GB, and 1GB are accessible if you pay $30, $60, and $15 each in a month.

Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum offers a plan that includes the internet only, a standalone offer to avoid perplexity.  The plan has a 100 Mbps starting speed connection, zero data caps, and a modem, this all charging you an amount of $49.99 monthly. If you increase up the speed by a factor of 3, it will be costing you $20 each month and if the speed goes around 940 Mbps, it’ll be charging a price of $60 in addition. Having no data caps in all its plans is the best thing about Spectrum. To keep you secure, it gives free antivirus software and a modem, too. Moreover, Spectrum cable customers can avail themselves of Spectrum Mobile services or bundle up their package with digital phone and/or internet service.  Spectrum Mobile utilizes Verizon towers and gives a monthly $45 unlimited plan, just like Xfinity Mobile. 

AT&T Internet

AT&T being the olden one in the list of companies prefers to have matters uncomplicated and proposes two central plans which are Internet 100 and Internet 1000. We can guess by their names that the speed provided will be 100Mbps and 1Gbps respectively. The faster internet speeds’ plan puts fiber internet to use and succeeds in preventing 1 TB data cap but usually, 1 TB data cap is seen in AT&T internet plans. It can possibly be a lot more than your family will ever use in a month. For saving up on your internet, you could have your plan take in AT&T TV, AT&T wireless service, and DirecTV.  AT&T could also let you have a $100 reward card to sugarcoat if you link up DirecTV or AT&T at this instance. 


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Frontier Communications

Trying to make a place in rural America, Frontier Internet has been named rightly. It provides cable, DSL, and fiber internet to people who have subscribed for it. It is found in areas where you have only a few options that are good enough. If we talk about costs, you’ll need to pay $27.99 for a speed of 6 Mbps and then $44.99 for 45Mbps internet speeds monthly. In rural areas, it’ll be a good choice but if possible, you’ll surely wish for a service having faster speeds. For users in Texas, Florida, and California, it offers FiOS plans but they are not readily available.

Final Thoughts

If you prefer cable internet, that entirely depends on where you live and so do the prices fluctuate based on their demand and infrastructure. We have shared a handful of our favorite ISPs in the US in the aforementioned discussion. You can check the availability of all the ISPs in your area by entering your zip code online and it will generate all the serviceable options for you. Alternatively, the satellite can be a good option if cable services aren’t available there.

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