What is a Liteboxer Fitness Bundle? 

Read here all about Liteboxer Fitness Bundle like what is Fitness Bundle? Features, Advantages, Prices & Review of Fitness Bundle.

Many people plan to acquire various goals to shape up their health and wellness. However, it can be challenging to follow these due to hectic schedules, daily tasks, and office routines. Fitness enthusiasts frequently feel let down when they start gaining weight instead of burning calories. People prefer to look for shortcuts to every issue these days. You might be searching for this package of challenges if you’re a fitness enthusiast. 

A Quick sneak peek on the fitness tracker. 

Every exercise lover needs the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle which has everything you want. It enables you to engage in virtual reality workouts while bringing actual trainers into your home. This software works well with iOS and Android phones and tablets, making it your reliable partner and leader. Everyone’s favourite sport, boxing, inspired the design of this exercise apparatus. 

What are the products and unique features in the Litebox Fitness Box? 

Structure of the system The Liteboxer Fitness bundle contains every tool required to set up a home boxing gym. It comes with thin gloves, a punching bag with adjustable height, and a computerized punch monitor that keeps tabs on your punches. You will also have privileged use of the Liteboxer application. This app lets you track your development and set goals while participating in over fifty audio-visual boxing workouts. With the punching bags, it also has gloves with sensors which can calculate every strike you hit.

The online system consists of the above equipment; the other things included in the box are the elite boxer bundle, Bluetooth headset speaker and music, monitor and USB charger. Workout Programs for daily exercise. This box has a variety of workout programs which will help you save time. Usually, while searching for workout videos, we waste so much time that the exercising time is decreased. With this box, people can start their exercise on time without any hassle. Connected to the music system, this also allows you to dance and enjoy the workout with amazing beats to match. DVDs to guide you through the workout regime.

These DVDs attached to the system will guide you through the workout on how to start and end your session, what exercises your body needs and many more things which a guidebook or in real life a trainer gives you. There is no human intervention; you are all by yourself with your perfect workout routine. With these DVD tutorials, you can start and end at your pace and time. A great piece for beginners in boxing. Those who want to start boxing as their fitness workout can start with this box, as it is perfect for newbies.

Their easy-to-handle and slow start helps beginners catch up with the foundation and stay fit for their health. The innovative workout plans with brilliant techniques sharpen your boxing skills while maintaining your health. Filled with difficult tasks to achieve good health. When you complete the challenges given here, it will mark and record the progress you have been making and will suggest workouts that will fit your body and health. The workout plan consists of many exercises like Yoga , Stretching , Cardio , Boxing etc..


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How is the Liteboxer fitness bundle beneficial for your body and health? 

This fitness app has many advantages which are cherished by many.

  •  It gives a Punching Bag which is easy to use. Punching bags in two sizes, suitable for adults and children, are included in the fitness package. These are made from nylon, which makes punching easier. These bags all have a solid build and similar quality and durability. Clients enjoy how they appear because they make you seem like an actual boxer. 
  • You can utilize the Liteboxer in whichever way you feel like. It has a floor stand that can be modified and has expandable height ranges. It doesn’t need any assembling and is simple for consumers to get it together. As an option, it provides a wall mount acceptable for wood, concrete and brick walls.
  • To help new clients, the company gives an installation manual. Attaching it at any height is simple and continues using the fitness bundle. One must join an alternate fitness membership and begin calorie burning before using either of the two products. Its electronic punching bag can be set up and used for various exercises, including squats and jabs.
  • Fitness enthusiasts should select it because of its firm platform and lightweight construction. While there are more enhancements going on, its power of sensors helps in keeping records of your session-long precision, power, and boxing levels. It is worth it because you can put it in your residence without the help of an expert. 
  • You have the benefits Of Cardio related exercise. You can check heart health by getting cardio-focused training with the Liteboxer. Because of its adjustable height, it can be used by any user throughout the session. It is not only appealing and modern, but it also comes in a variety of colours.
  •  It also has a song system. The Universal Music Group has partnered with the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle. It says that you can listen to many tunes while exercising. Users use the audio player to increase their energy without listening to the same song twice. It’s easily accessible musical content makes boxing a fun exercise. 

How to use the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle? 

The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is easy to assemble and access in daily lives. We still want to give you some beginner-friendly instructions. This might make using the bundle and starting to box practically whenever you want easier. 

  • Buy your own Liteboxer Fitness Bundle to get ready for a satisfying workout.
  • You can get a subscription for lifetime benefits or select a free trial to see the functionality of this device.
  • Install the hardware, then install the Liteboxer app to configure the device.
  • Link the software once it has been accessed to your phone to use it. 

How much does Liteboxer Fitness Bundle Cost?

Each month of Liteboxer costs $29.99.y

The monthly charge for the Yearly cost is $27.50.

You receive a free trial period of 30 days.

 The customer can cancel his subscription if he is not satisfied with it. Although you won’t have access to many features without a subscription, such as

  • Boxing instruction
  • Music
  • Trainers
  • Information

The playlists for the lessons are made by the instructors, who train boxers to the rhythm of the songs. Every class period covers a different musical genre and topic that progresses in various ways. With the Liteboxer fitness bundle, consumers can get hundreds of other methods through video classes. 


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Alternate options for Litebox Fitness.

Not everyone’s body is equal and can handle the same workout, which can be easy for others. Here are the alternate options for Litebox Fitness which can be a solution for your workout: 


This type of boxing does not need much equipment or investment. A person performing this must imagine a figure standing before him and attacking, and the work is done. It polishes your boxing skills.

Heavy Bag 

Heavy bags are also good examples of boxing as it makes you feel like you are practising with a real person. Some examples are maize bags, wrecking balls, and body opponent bags. Water Bag As the name sounds, this bag is filled with water requiring minimum maintenance and barely any chance of injury. Available in various sizes and options, this bag can also substitute for litebox.

Speed bag

Shaped like a teardrop and known to be the smallest bag, this training method is also an option. This bag bounces back to you when you punch, polishing your reflexes. Improves your hand-eye coordination and is best for intermediate or advanced-level boxers. 

Double End bag 

This bag is shaped like a basketball and bounces back when you hit it. This is the only bag which gives you a proper boxing technique, unlike the other bags mentioned above. 

Fight camp: What is that? 

Fight Camp is the same as litebox, but its features are limited compared to the others. It also keeps the consumer’s progress and has varied packs such as tribe, personal etc. The contents are:

  • Quick wraps
  • Boxing gloves
  • Freestanding heavy bag
  • Punch trackers 
  • A ring or base 

This is beneficial when the whole family works out with a single device as it is designed for multiple members. With the contents mentioned above, it also has kid-size gloves and extra pair of gloves in it. 

Fight camp and Litebox: The difference. 


Both of them are equally expensive, but when compared to each other, Litebox is more expensive than fight camp, but the monthly costs of Litebox are more affordable than fight camp. The goods and products are almost the same in each, but the cost matters. 


Before buying any of them, the area or the setup place must be decided in your house. This thing can assist you in deciding on which one to choose among both. Fightcamp can be adjusted in small homes and spaces, but litebox needs a good amount of space in your home. The only thing that makes litebox preferable is that it has more functions than fight camp, and you can get an actual performance report in litebox. 

Working with both of them

Fightcamp has an authentic boxing feeling. A user can try boxing with gloves and all for a real match. Those interested in rough and hard punches in boxing can choose a fight camp. For litebox, it has the boxing experience with many features and modifications. You can feel the fun and enjoyment while working out with songs, videos of trainers etc. Litebox will keep up your interest while boxing. 

Experience of the application with both. 

Whether it is fighting camp or Litebox, both are easily accessible and free to use without any complications. Litebox may have the upper hand because it can be used on iOS and Android, whereas fight camp is used only on iOS. But recently, the app owners developed software that Android consumers can use. So, the choice of buying is still on the customer.


You can get a great workout with the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle without leaving the comfort of your home. This bundle comes with lightweight gloves, an adjustable punching bag, a punch monitor, and audio-visual workouts to give you the intense boxing workout you need to achieve your fitness objectives. You can use it to get in shape and maintain your fitness. Most regular users of this workout app recommend it to others due to its durability and usability. Therefore, the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is the best idea if you’re looking for an effective way to stay fit and enjoy it. 

FAQs for  Liteboxer Fitness Bundle

What is the cost of this fitness software?

It’s simple to purchase the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle for $29.99 monthly. In addition, the business provides free discounts to consumers who stay with it for 12 months. In this situation, you are only expected to pay $27.50 monthly. 

Is a subscription required to purchase the fitness bundle?

The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle does not charge anything . However, they will need assistance to get its many boxing functions, instruction manuals, or rhythm music. 

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