What’s Making Gardening Apps Popular?

With most people preferring organic produce, the popularity of home gardens has increased tremendously. The Punjab Agriculture Department has promoted the culture of kitchen gardens by selling up to 150,000 seed kits at subsidized rates. 

While the kitchen garden culture is very much in vogue in the western world, it is gaining momentum in India. This is partly due to rising vegetable prices and increased malnutrition, poverty alleviation, and better awareness of consuming fresh produce. 

This has promoted many app developers to develop a vegetable garden planner app that gives users guidance on cultivating a home garden. Be it fresh produce or flowers and fruits; you can get tips on how to get the best out of your garden through the app. So, let’s discuss what makes these apps so popular among users. 

They Provide Reliable, Research-Based Data

Gardening apps, like any other app, are only improving as each day passes. These apps provide evidence-based solutions to various gardening problems. For example, an app developed by Purdue University provides its users’ solutions to several plant problems for tomato plants, turfgrass, annual and perennial flowers, and trees.

Home gardeners invest a lot of time and money every year to cultivate their garden and due to lack of proper guidance, lose a lot of it. With issue-specific advice, they can get fixes to problems that they thought were untreatable. 

Help Identify Unknown Species Of Plants

Very often, you find many wild flowering plants that you cannot put a name to. They can be poisonous and may cause allergies, rashes, or something more harmful. Several apps help to identify unknown flowers and plants. They also provide details of the plant’s uses, its lifecycle, and pathology. 

Being able to identify potentially harmful types allows you to weed them out during their sapling stages. Identifying is as simple as snapping a photo and uploading it on the app. The apps can store information of as many as 315,000 different varieties of plants and flowers. 

Monitoring Plant Progress Based On Lunar Cycles

This is a unique approach to home gardening. Believers know that the different lunar phases can impact the growth of plants. Apps developed around this concept consider the lunar cycles and advice on steps you should take the next day to flourish your garden. They help you monitor growth spurts, fruiting, and flowering cycles. 

Lunar cycles are known to impact the weather conditions, and these forecasts can prove to be fruitful in sowing, pruning, potting, and harvesting your garden. The vegetable garden planner app provides useful insights based on zodiac signs and the current moon phase.  

Get The Latest Gardening Trends

If you are the one to follow the latest trends, then a gardening app can help provide data on the latest trends. About one-third of millennials are known to spend a significant portion of their time and resources on gardening activity. 

They also account for the highest users of smartphones. Using a gardening app is the most obvious answer to any questions they have. 

From house plants to vegetable gardens, they can get the latest updates and news of what is happening in botany. They can also find sustainable solutions to their flora and fauna concerns. 

Organic Produce Everyday

Once you have a home garden going, you have access to fresh, organic produce every day. No longer are you dependent on your local vendor for vegetables, fruits, or herbs. There’s nothing like the taste of freshly clipped herbs to make your kitchen smelling aromatic and flavorful.  

Access To Masterclasses

Most apps have videos and podcasts that provide detailed information by topic. These master classes examples, tips, tricks to planting, and caring for your home garden. Each variety of plant required different care. For example, a herb plant will need more care as it is delicate when compared to a tomato plant. 

Offers And Deals

Most apps also have in-built offers and deals on gardening supplies, seed kits, books, and other resources. They may also give you access to certain nurseries. For first-timers, they offer indoor gardening boxes that can help you get started. 

Gardening is a hobby for most, but few avid gardeners take it very seriously. For them, a gardening app is a haven of information on just about anything and everything about their garden. 

The vegetable garden planner app not only provides useful tips on garden care but also gives you offers on everything from a seed kit to gardening supplies. So, find an app that you like and garden away!

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