Best Ways to Drape Your Khadi Sarees

A saree is very feminine in attire, and though perceived as traditional apparel, it can be given a modern twist. You may choose to wear it to a formal or casual event; hence, select your fabric as the occasion demands. 

For instance, a simple cotton saree is inappropriate wedding wear, while a heavy silk drape only encourages undue attention when in the office.

Khadi is a hand-woven, natural fabric originally crafted out of cotton and also from wool and silk. It is gaining in popularity since it offers both comfort and style. Even a plain print can be jazzed up with a little creativity. 

Khadi sarees online are available in eye-catching patterns and captivating colors. 

What Makes Khadi Sarees So Unique?

Their stylish and classy appeal makes you look elegant when draped in one such creation. With this unique khadi fabric, cotton, silk, and woolen hand-woven sarees are manufactured. The term khadi traces its roots to the Indian word, khaddar, meaning handspun fabric. 

This fabric is associated with the freedom struggle and was made famous by Mahatma Gandhi. At that time, this handmade fabric generated employment primarily for the rural population in India. First, the fiber is converted into yarn using a spinning wheel, and then the yarn is woven to obtain the final fabric.

Considering a saree has the length (5 to 9 yards) and width (2 to 4 feet), you have a significant amount of fabric to manage. Exploring different contemporary and traditional draping styles allow you to identify the ones that suit you the best. You have the liberty to mix and match to achieve a unique and trendy look. 

Reputed online retailers offer an exclusive collection of the finest sarees to meet your budget. During festivals, you can even avail of attractive discounts while making an online purchase. With cash on delivery, a return and exchange policy, and other convenient facilities, your shopping experience remains a memorable one.

The khadi fabric has a comfortable feel and rugged texture. It has the phenomenal quality of keeping you warm in winter and cool in summers. A saree is a graceful Indian garment, and when you drape a pure handloom khadi saree elegantly, it makes for a pretty picture.

After you buy khadi sarees online, suggested here are some exciting draping techniques to look beautiful:

Flaunt Your Pallu

While draping your saree, ensure you cater to a lengthy pallu that gracefully falls from your left shoulder over your corresponding hand. This method draws attention to your elegant pallu, showcasing it appropriately. Instead of leaving hair loose, tie it up in a bun, so your intricate saree border is also visible.

Wrap Around Fusion 

After pleating your saree in the regular fashion, wrap the pallu around your neck. Doing so gives the visual effect of a scarf to experiment with contemporary styles of wearing one. Feel free to accessorize this fusion look with glasses and a leather bag.

Butterfly Effect 

If you have a petite structure and a flat tummy, you can carry this style with confidence. The trick is to pleat your pallu like a thin strip, rest it on your left shoulder, and spread it like a butterfly around your torso. At the end of it, you create a sensuous yet elegant look.

Bring It Over

When you pair your plain cotton khadi saree with a heavy blouse, the best way to flaunt the latter is to drape your pallu over your shoulder. Bring your pallu from the rear and direct it over your right shoulder to effortlessly fall down your front.

Bengali Inspiration

Taking inspiration from a typical Bengali drape, you can tweak the style for a stunning alternative. To achieve this look, pleat your pallu along your saree border, in a horizontal fashion. This technique makes your pleats fall in a slanting manner where your first pleat acquires the shortest length.

Wearing a blouse design that complements your body-type is advisable. For example, if you have broad shoulders, a boat-shaped neckline works well, while petite frames must stick to rectangular or square necks. 

Blouses with deep necklines at the back and three-quarter sleeves camouflage flabby arms. Should you have skinny arms, opt for blouses with puffed sleeves and high-necks.

For a quirky look, you can team your plain khadi saree with a funky crop top. Oxidized silver jewelry complements this fabric beautifully and elevates your style quotient. Add a bindi to complete your ethnic look, and you are ready to take on the fashion police.

Dress elegantly with khadi cotton sarees being sold online by reliable retailers. These creations are not just comfortable and durable but pocket friendly too.

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