Anniversary – The Day To Celebrate The Sacred Relationship

Every year that I’m with you

Has been better than before;

It’s hard for me to even think

How I could love you more.


Every year you’ve graced my life

Has been full of happiness;

I love your caring face, your voice,

Your tender, sweet caress.


Every year when this day comes,

I’m filled with love and pleasure;

Happy Anniversary, Love,

My joy, my delight, my treasure.

                                                                         –  Joanna Fuchs

Just like this string of words put together in a rhythmic way, the relationship between husband and wife is a journey that lasts longer when the rhythm is balanced.

Every day, thousands of marriages happen around the world and with that two souls come together to live a life together. Every country has its own kind of ceremonies related to marriages, but the core meaning is that being husband and wife is a sacred relationship. Even our deities are believed to be married.

From the very moment of the relationship, the husband and wife become the better-half of each other, and it has to be a relationship where there are no secrets. And that’s why the word sacred is used to denote this relationship. There has to be loyalty, trust, respect, love, appreciation, and a promise of togetherness.

And anniversaries are the days to celebrate the sacred relationship. On the same day a couple gets married, an anniversary is celebrated every year. It is the day two souls promised to be one forever and for each other.

And the anniversary has to be celebrated with love every year. It is surely not important to spend a lot on the celebrations because all that matters is love. But if you can afford to spend then why not. Make it a memorable celebration and repeat every year. Keeping up a relationship forever with loyalty and innocence is not an easy thing to find in this world, and if you have that loyal relation, then you must adore it.

As we said, spending on the celebration is a personal choice, and that’s how it should be done but don’t forget to cut and enjoy a beautiful and delicious wedding anniversary cake. Let the yummy sweetness of cake make the celebrations of sacred relation memorable. And just like the red is considered as the colour of love, sweet is the taste of love.

Just for the help, if you struggle to find the best possible cake in your budget or you don’t have that much time to go and buy a cake due to the work schedule, you can order a cake online from a renowned bakery that provides home-delivery of cakes in Hyderabad or wherever you live.

Efforts, adjustments, acceptance, and forgiveness are the key elements that make a marriage last longer.

You may consider your married life as a journey on which you and your wife have to pedal together and the anniversaries as the break to look back and celebrate your togetherness through summers and winters of life.

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