5 Desserts in Bengali Wedding Catering

The bakers are a true professional in any wedding Catering. Especially, with the Caterers in Kolkata and Caterers in Durgapur. Some desserts are just irreplaceable in Bengal weddings. These Caterers never forget to place a dessert according to the rest of the menu.

  • Rosogolla

Rosogolla” is something that doesn’t need any introduction. It is undoubtedly the best dessert with the Caterers in Kolkata. The city of Joy is known as the region of sweet lovers and rosogollas are readily available in various cafes, sweet shops, bakeries, and obviously with the caterers in Durgapur too.

It is a dumpling ball-shaped sweet, made out of Indian cottage cheese and dough cooked in syrup made of sugar. Caterer service in Kolkata and Caterers in Durgapur,  place this under the desert arena because without rosogolla a Bengali wedding is considered incomplete.

  • Rasmalai

A far fetched cousin sister of Rosogolla, but different in their own characteristics. Rosogolla is dipped in sugar syrup whereas Rasmalai is well accomplished with the Milky syrup. The Caterers in Durgapur serve it with the authentic taste of Milkiness and sweetness.

The Caterers in Kolkata on the other hand make new variations such as dipping into a saffron milk syrup, dressed with pistachios, cashews, and almonds.

  • Makha Sandesh

They are mostly called “Sandesh” by Bengalis, and this dessert is definitely not to be missed on their food charts in a wedding function. Caterers in Kolkata try to serve this with a sweet drizzle of date palm jaggery.

Whereas the Caterers in Durgapur find ways to keep the old tradition of soft mashed Sandesh in their wedding functions. It is a kind of dessert that is addictive, yummy, soft, and very light once pooped in. It is prepared with a combination of chenna and milk and sugar.

  • Baked Rosogolla

Rosogolla itself but in the coating of milk and burnt or baked lightly with drizzled condensed milk mixture. The Caterers in Durgapur bake it with a concoction of all this inside an aluminum foil which is used to bake it inside an oven. 

Whereas the Caterers in Kolkata serve it individually in small aluminum foils. That is later served in the wedding menu as a dessert. 

  • Manohara

Caterers in Kolkata are not really accustomed to this beautiful concoction of Nolin Gur’s Sandesh coating with hard Jaggery outing too. But it is common with the Caterers in Durgapur. This is made with Gur or Jaggery during winters.

Caterers in Kolkata have often prepared this with chocolate coating and tried other flavors too but the traditional essence of sweet makhana Sandesh and Nolin Gur is kept alive with the Caterers in Durgapur.

The Caterers in Kolkata are just a part of. The big menu is elaborately explained with a high pallet of non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian dishes. But desserts are something that has to be placed at the end of the meal. The Caterers in Durgapur have their trip around the traditional menu options, and recipes. The same goes for the recipes and options in desserts. 

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