Quality Factors to Look for in Plywood Furniture

Plywood is made up of resin-coated veneer pieces that are pressed together. It is the most preferred option for furniture, roofs, interior walls, etc. Plywood can be used for making durable and stain-resistant tables, cabinets, chairs, and bed frames. Many house owners use this material due to its popularity. 

Plywood furniture is lightweight and easily moldable. It has a great demand in today’s market due to its varying features.

Quality Grading of Plywood Furniture

Plywood panels come with grades that determine their quality, namely: 

  • A-Grade: A-Grade plywood is smooth with minor defects. Furniture made with A-Grade plywood is the highest quality plywood. 
  • B-Grade: B-Grade plywood is the second quality plywood. It has a few knots.
  • C-Grade: This grade plywood is unsanded, and it is discoloured.
  • D-Grade: This grade plywood has many knotholes and repairs.

Grade-A and B determine the plywood panel’s front side, while Grade-C and D determine the quality of the backside panel.

Choosing Quality Plywood for Furniture

Though there are various options for furniture, plywood is the most used material because of the following quality factors:

  • Durability: The use of veneers and adhesives make plywood furniture more durable. It does not shrink at any temperature. Though plywood is strong, surprisingly, it is lightweight as well. So, you can make your king-size bed with this material and forget the worries of shifting it across the room or the city. 
  • Water-Resistance: Plywood panels are bonded with high-quality glues to make it structurally solid. This makes your furniture water-resistant. Marine plywood is the most robust plywood in the market and can be used outdoors, too.
  • Weather Exposure: Waterproof glue is used between each layer of plywood furniture made for outdoors. This makes it resistant to moisture. Your chairs, tables, and loungers can sustain various elements, even when exposed to extreme weather. This type of plywood can be used for interior furniture, too, due to its moisture-resistant nature.
  • Flexible options: Plywood material is available in different densities, sizes, and qualities. This makes it the right choice for furniture, cabinets, and walls.
  • User-friendly: Wood furniture often stretches with humidity. But, furniture made with plywood does not expand much as the layers are glued together with grains running in alternate directions.
  • Attractive: Plywood furniture is strong and durable. It also adds beauty to your house.
  • Eco-friendly: Plywood is the most environmentally friendly product. During manufacturing, it requires fewer logs, and this helps conserve timber. The adhesives used for plywood are also not more toxic, which makes plywood eco-friendly. 
  • Perfect for curved surfaces: Plywood can withstand cracks and splits when you insert a nail into it. This makes it perfect for curved surfaces, and you can make desired shapes.
  • Cost-effective: The waste generated will be minimal when high-quality plywood is used for furniture. The cost of plywood is also less when compared to others. As it is lightweight, it is even easier to carry during transportation.

Considering all these advantages, choose plywood for your furniture. Finally, based on your furniture requirements, choose the right type of plywood.

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