Do You Think That Buying Car Insurance Online Better?

When it comes to road traffic India is considered to be one of the busiest countries in the world. In India, almost half a million accidents occur every year. Hence, driving on the Indian road is always dangerous and you can lose your life as well.  That is the reason why the Government of India has made car insurance mandatory in India. However, you have the option of doing Car insurance online on droom as well as offline.

Car insurance is an agreement between the owner of the car and the insurance provider that in case any accident occurs and causes damage to the car or the third party then the insurance company will take all the liability and bear the cost. Instead of that, the car owner has to give the insurance premium on a yearly or monthly basis. You may think that car insurance premium is an unnecessary expense in case it is not claimed but those who had met with an accident know how essential car insurance is.

Now the biggest question which option should you choose – online or offline. The best answer is anyone will do but the online option has some added advantages.

Advantages of online four wheeler insurance

The following are some advantages of doing car insurance online:

  • Can do the insurance at your comfort: Doing car insurance was never that easy as it is today. Previously the potential policyholder needs to do a lot of effort for doing car insurance. He needs to visit the insurance company or the agent of the insurance via phone call or visiting him personally. Then the insurance agent tells them what package they should go for and depending on that he used to do the insurance of his car. But the thing has now totally changed and buying car insurance is no more a tedious process. You can do four wheeler insurance online where you can do the insurance at your comfort.
  • Can compare and get the best deal: Earlier it was never possible for the car owner to compare multiple policies before doing the insurance. But now you will also be able to compare the policies with the policies of the other insurance company. This will help you to understand whether the policy that you are availing is the most suitable or not. Once you compare the cost of the policy of various insurance companies you can opt for the one which suits you the best. But while comparing the policies you have to keep in mind that you should consciously compare the similar types of policies. If you compare a third-party liability policy with a comprehensive policy then you will not understand anything. That is the reason why you should compare similar types of policies.
  • No paperwork: The biggest advantage of doing car insurance online is that you do not need any paperwork. You will only be asked some basic questions about you and your car. Based on your answers you can select the policies available for your car. No matter whether you do car insurance renewal or buy a new policy you can easily do the insurance of your car without any paperwork. But this is never possible in offline insurance.
  • Instant policies: Buying policies through offline mode requires time but in the online mode, you can get the insurance instantly. In the offline mode first, the agent will show you the policies and then you will compare it manually and after that, you will submit the documents, and then you will get your policy via post. But in online mode, you can compare the policy in your spare time, and at the time of applying you just need to upload your documents and can take a print out of the policy instead of waiting for the post.                                 

How can you check the car insurance price and buy insurance online?

Before you opt for any car insurance it is highly necessary to check the price of the policies from different companies. This is certainly a tricky job and so it is always better to approach a third-party platform like Droom. Droom will compare car insurance prices and will suggest the best policies that suit you the best.

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