Computer Monitoring Software to Monitor Employees Productivity

Employee productivity is one of the biggest concerns for the businesses across the globe. The profitability and yield of companies depend on the productivity of the workers. The unproductive workers can make the companies face huge losses in form of low production, less income and more expenditure. The entrepreneurs have been using several tactics to increase the productivity of the workers. From bonuses and increments to recreational opportunities, many tactics are being used to boost motivation and productivity level of employees.

The use of employee monitoring software is another tactic to prevent workers from involving in needless activities. There are differeant monitoring and tracking software rightly available allowing employers to monitor and boost the efficiency of workforces.In this article,we have reviewed the top-notch employee monitoring software TheOneSpy that is particularly designed for entrepreneurs to monitor and boost employees’ productivity.

TheOneSpy Computer Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy computer tracking software is multi-platform software that lets you track both Windows and Macintosh computers. No matter whatsoever computer brand or operating system your workers use, the spy software lets you monitor all without any hassle. Once you install the software on the company-owned device after taking written consent of the employees, you can monitor and manage the computer devices remotely.

There is an online control panel which lets you control several functions of monitored desktop and laptop computers. For example, you can use panel to remotely turn on camera of amonitored laptop. The information fetch from the monitor computers gets upload to the online panel as well.Read on to know more about the employee monitoring software.

How to Monitor Employee Productivity with Monitoring Software

The computer monitoring software comes preloaded withnumerous features enabling the employer to track the performance and productivity of the employees. We have rounded up here the main features of the spy software to let you understand how it helps businesses to manage and boost the efficiency of the workers.

Screen Recording

The employee monitoring software enables employers to track real-time computer activities of their workers. You can log into the online control panel and see what the workers are doing, watching or typing on their computers. The spy software records screen of the monitored computer to update you about the activities of the concerned individual or group.


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On-Demand Screenshots

As well as screen recording, the spy software offers screenshots for keeping an eye on the work progress of the workers. On receiving your remote command sent via online panel, the spy software starts taking screenshots of the target device with a specific interval. The screenshots get automatically uploaded to the online portal from where you can see and download them.

Surround Monitoring

The live surround monitoring is one of the most powerful features of the computer monitoring software. You can operate cameras and microphone of target computer devices to see what activities are performing in the surroundings. It lets you know what gossips your workers are making and in what unproductive activities are involve.

Track & Manage Internet Use

Monitoring the internet usage of workers is of great importance. The employers can know what sort of websites their workers visit and also control access to these websites.The Windows spy software tracks the internet browsing history of the monitored devices and uploads to the online panel. It also lets you block unwanted websites by putting the URL and keywords of that website.

Compatible Device


The computer monitoring software of TheOneSpy is compatible with Windows desktop and laptop computers running Windows OS versions 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. The supported computer brands include Samsung, LG, Sony, Dell, HP and Acer among others.

The spy software also lets you track Macintoshdesktop and laptop computers running macOS versions 10.5 to 10.12. It supports MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iMac. You can check out the list of compatible devices and OS here.


The Windows spy software costs around $20 a month. However, the software can be subscribe for 3 or 12 monthsin just $30 or $50 respectively. The Mac monitoring solution is priced at $25 a month. The 3-month and 6-month subscription of the spy software costs around$50 and $75 respectively. These prices are subject to change.

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