The Top Five Streaming Services in South Africa for 2021

Television is certainly the most widespread entertainment tool: since its appearance around the 1940s, it has been able to evolve and reinvent itself hand in hand with its target audience and with society itself, of which it is a consequence and reflection. To take advantage of a streaming service like Netflix, it is necessary to have a fairly fast internet connection and the programs. They are broadcast on different devices such as, for example, smart TV, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Also, they can be played whenever you want and at any time. But all popular streaming services are not working in South Africa. Here, we have presented the top five streaming services in South Africa. In the best 5 lists, we have discussed Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Showmax, Apple TV plus, and Hulu in South Africa for streaming service.

The top five streaming services in South Africa for 2021

To help you understand the best streaming service in South Africa, we have analyzed and presented the top five streaming services in South Africa that will meet your needs.

1. Amazon Prime Video

Speaking of original content, Amazon Prime Video is in the position that Netflix occupied a couple of years ago: quality over quantity. The interface is not entirely organized and that could affect the experience. The Prime Video can find premieres and multiple independent films that pass through Sundance and annually find a home on the platform.

At the moment, there are limited streaming services available in South Africa. For that reason, Prime Video helps you to find almost all the films in the world. The streaming platform not only offers a catalog with blockbusters and independent proposals. Almost daily, the platform makes available films that surely cannot be found in physical format. The first week is free as a trial and for the first six months, the user is only billed $2.99 makes Prime Video our choice as the best streaming platform in South Africa at this time.

2. Netflix

Although Netflix is the undisputed leader when it comes to streaming, the price increase in its subscription cost has matched the decline in the quality of its original content. Netflix may have been the most viable option a few years ago, but now that each network seeks to launch its own platforms to privatize its content, the red brand loses its appeal every day.

You can watch the Netflix South African version with a limited amount of subscription fee. If you want to watch US Netflix content, you should use a VPN to hide and transform your location and IP address. All programs can be enjoyed in 4K and 1080 resolution without any buffering.

3. Showmax

Showmax is the on-demand television platform that offers movies and series online. With a few steps, enjoy your content online or offline. It works like any other of the legal platforms we have seen, such as Netflix and HBO. You will access a catalog of titles organized by categories that they can choose to view online or download to view when they do not have it.

The streaming platform operates in different parts of sub-Saharan Africa but offers access to users who live in other countries. It provides a large selection of series, movies, children’s programs, and documentaries. In low internet signal, it can stream any videos without any buffering. You can download up to 25 films for offline watching.

4. Hulu

Hulu is a video-on-demand streaming service that is controlled by Hulu LLC. It presents a lot of series and entertainment programs such as movies, entertainment shows, talk shows, and documentaries. Also, you can get content from hundreds of networks and watch them in South Africa. The most popular networks are FX, A&E, AMC, Bravo or Food Network, BBC and Crunchyroll, etc.

It has a personalized screen that provides all categories and search options to find out the desired content. You can record up to 15 hours using the live DVR and watch them when the internet is absent. At the low speed of the internet, it offers buffering-free streaming with full quality.

5. Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus offers streaming, music, podcasts, and more with high-quality resolution. It allows you to stream films and all content from the iTunes Store and a variety of streaming sources. You can browse all its content in South Africa without any limitations. All award-winning series, films, entertainment contents can be enjoyed with original qualities. The app is easy to use in smart TVs, AirPlay-enabled devices, and Apple devices.

The streaming platform is not free but takes only a $4.99 monthly fee with 7 days free trial. You can share with all family members and the number of people is limited to 5 users. It is not commercial, so you can enjoy any stream anytime from anywhere. Also, Apple TV plus allows all users to download content to watch anytime without an internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Final thoughts

Most of the popular streaming services are off in South Africa. You can enjoy the streaming service on Amazon prime video, Netflix, Showmax, Hulu, and Apple TV plus because they are the top five streaming services in South Africa. They have separated sections, categories where all the available contents are organized very well.

Also, they have included talent shows, reality shows, cooking programs, and more. They meet the favor of those who like to discover new productions and series. You can enjoy content with subtitles and download movies to watch offline that is handy on all conditions.

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