Top 8 Benefits of Partnering with Medical Answering Service Companies

Healthcare providers around the world today experience an overflow of cases that overwhelm their staff and affect their operations. That is why these medical centers are turning to medical answering service companies to help augment their services.

Apart from the increased number of medical cases being handled from day to day, some medical centers are not sufficiently equipped to handle the volume of tasks, changing regulations, and other necessary services that they will have to provide.

How Medical Answering Service Companies Can Help

Medical answering service agencies can help augment your workforce. They can also contribute to your operations by providing a secure system to manage your phone lines. But their representatives can also do more than just act as a medical receptionist over the phone. 

They can set doctor’s appointments, take down relevant patient information, and a lot of other services.

The services that they can provide include the following:

  • Real-time message delivery
  • Home care support
  • Physician referral services
  • Enrolment and application processing
  • Dental claim assistance
  • Patient insurance and information verification
  • Doctor answering services
  • Outbound sales
  • 24/7 medical assistance helpline 
  • Collections support
  • Rate change support
  • Activation services
  • Lead generation
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient helpdesk services
  • Emergency hotline services

Benefits of Partnering with Medical Answering Service Companies

The benefits that you can get from partnering with these companies range from cost savings to fine-tuning your day to day operations. Here are some of the notable advantages of working with them:

  1. Experienced Staff

You will be working with representatives who have more than sufficient professional experience when dealing with pharmaceutical and medical calls. You can count on them to provide proficient, prompt, and professional services.

  1. Custom Scripts

You won’t get generic scripts that patients have heard over and over—which can be quite irritating at times. You get to recommend scripts and protocols to be used when handling calls coming from patients and others inquiring about your services. This will help customer service agents to handle different scenarios effectively.

  1. Reduced Costs

When you partner with outstanding medical answering service companies, you end up saving money but you will still be able to offer proficient and effective service to your patients. You will only pay for the time the operator is interacting with customers and answering phone calls.

You also free a significant portion of your budget since you no longer need to purchase expensive equipment for answering huge volumes of calls. You don’t need to set up the infrastructure to facilitate call and account management services.

  1. Data Security

Data security and proper patient information handling are paramount in the medical industry. When you partner with medical answering service companies, you gain access to secure technology and high-level data protection. The data is audited frequently and undergo regular quality checks.

TIP: make sure to check if medical answering service companies are ISO 27001 certified. This ensures that the company is using the latest security measures and they adhere to current standards.

  1. HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance should be the top priority when it comes to ensuring the privacy of patient data. Compliant medical answering service companies ensure that all patients have complete protection every time they convey sensitive information.

Part of the process is to perform regular quality assurance checks. This helps to ensure that data security is at par with norms within the industry.

  1. 24/7 Operations

Hospitals are expected to operate and serve patients 24/7. Clinics and other medical centers may not always guarantee 24-hour operations. However, with the help of medical answering service agencies, you can have representatives cater to the needs of patients and other callers. 

This level of service is very helpful in emergency cases.

  1. Call Forwarding

Sometimes your front desk personnel may be swamped with a lot of calls and tasks to fulfill during the course of a day. Service providers can monitor your phone lines and answer the overflow of calls for you. 

They can attend to calls that are less-important so that your staff can handle the more pressing needs of your patients.

  1. Automated On-Call Scheduling

Manual scheduling is a laborious and frustrating task. It is also prone to human error. The technology and systems used by medical answering service agencies automate on-call scheduling.

This relieves your staff from this tedious task so that they can focus on more important tasks. How does this technology do that? It adapts to the message routines of your hospital or clinic. Messages are delivered promptly and accurately. 

It also ensures that the right medical personnel is able to provide medical care as scheduled.


Medical answering service agencies can be a huge benefit to many clinics and hospitals. They provide expertise, next-generation technology, and industry compliance to aid in your day to day operations.

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