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A compressor is a machine that sucks in, stores and compresses air and then converts it into a desired air pressure, expressed in bar. Depending on the suction power, the tank content and the maximum pressure that is created, it can be determined whether a compressor is suitable for a job. Compressors can be used for standard applications, such as blowing your workshop clean with a blow gun or inflating your car tires with a tire inflator. Compressors can also be used for the use of air tools, such as pneumatic impact wrenches, or compressed air blow guns.

The Piston Compressor is one of the most and widely used best air compressors. In a piston compressor, a piston is moved forward in a cylinder via a crank rod and crankshaft. When only one side of the piston is used for compression it is described as single acting. If both sides of the piston, namely the top and bottom, are used, it is double-acting.

A piston compressor more common option on the market. The piston group works due to the electric motor, or the internal combustion engine, and compression of compressed air in the receiver occurs through valves.

Positive characteristics

  • Small cost.
  • Possibility of self-repair.
  • Availability of service.

Purpose of the Compressor

Having such equipment in the garage, and even complete with special nozzles, you will significantly expand your capabilities and save your money by giving up services at the service station. Compressed air is a widely used medium. There are a few good reasons for this:

For example, there are several applications of the compressor.

  • With the help of compressed air you can blow anything, water from the contacts of the washed engine, dust sensors and much more.
  • Pumping wheels.
  • Acquisition of the airbrush will allow carrying out drawing of paint and varnish structures, and also in the presence of the equipment to carry out grinding works.
  • Finishing the bottom of the car with anti-corrosion compounds.
  • Simple construction: We can obtain a straight line movement directly without using. This makes the installation costs quite low.
  • Compressed air is easy to obtain (air is available everywhere) and to transport (flexible hoses). Return lines are unnecessary. Nor does the medium (air) need to be changed and it is easy to store air. In addition, compressed air is clean and dry so that no contamination occurs when leaks.
  • Compressed air is a safe medium. There is no risk of fire or explosion and no force greater than the set value will be generated. So there is little chance of damage. Compressed air is also a reliable medium.

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