Are All Age Groups of Children Able to Play in a Trampoline Park?

When you have multiple children of different age groups, it can be hard to find an activity that would be fun and entertaining to everyone. Letting your children play outside is sometimes the best idea, because children are resourceful and will find a way to create their own fun.

However, that is not always an option. For instance, extreme heat or cold would make such a move ill advised. That’s why there are indoor playgrounds – which simulate regular playgrounds and so much more, but under a roof with climate control.

If you’re concerned if all age groups of children can find amusement in such a playground, we reached out to experts at Uptown Jungle Murrieta to break down how each group can find their spot in an indoor trampoline park.

Are Trampolines Even Safe for Children

Before we even address what children can do in an indoor jump park, it’s a good idea to dispel some of the most common concern that parents have about trampolines and trampoline parks – safety.

In most parents’ minds, trampolines are a source of accidents, whether it is jumping off of one or hitting the rim. However, trampolines in indoor playgrounds are much bigger and better padded for extra safety. Also, the staff of the park are always there to make sure no accident occurs.

Can Toddlers Enjoy a Trampoline Park?

The simple answer is yes. Even though children under 1-year-olds are not old enough to play in a trampoline park, generally, when they reach the age when they are a bit more independent – i.e. toddlers, they can start enjoying the many activities in an indoor playground.

There are trampolines which are less bouncy – making them suitable for this age group. They can still experience the fun of bouncing, but can’t quite jump high enough to get injured. And if they decide that is boring, there are plenty of toddler-oriented activities, such as the slides or ball pits.

Are Pre-School Kids on the List?

Preschoolers are already much more independent and, more importantly, more dexterous than 1-3-year-olds. That means that you can let them explore a wider range of activities and trampolines in an indoor playground.

Here is the best location for that :

With bouncier trampolines, they can experience a bigger thrill of high jumps. That is, as long as they feel comfortable with it. The smaller trampolines are always an option for them, too.

School-Age Kids

Now we come to the category of children that are pretty difficult to cater to. Seeing how they cover a wide age range, they can have different dispositions and different ideas of fun. That’s why they tend to have the widest array of activities they can explore.

High jump trampolines are fun and all, but can entertain a child of this age only so long. They need a better and bigger challenge than that. That’s why obstacle courses and wall climbing activities attract their attentions the most. Not only can they spend the excess energy, but they can also practice their dexterity and motor skills – the perfect combo.

What About Teenagers?

If grade-shcoolers were complicated, teenagers are doubly so. Whether they will enjoy any of the activities in a trampoline park is really down to their personal preference.

Some teenagers still love physical activity and fun challenges, whereas others might feel like those are more childish. What you can be sure of, though, is that there is enough variety of activities in a trampoline park that even a teen can find something to do.

Hopefully, you have come to understand the indoor playgrounds a bit better and learned that they’re much more than just a few trampolines in a building somewhere. Find your local indoor playground and experience the variety of fun they offer.

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