How to Create Engaging Video Ads Like Coca-Cola

Who doesn’t know about Coca-Cola? Everyone feels familiar with that signature cursive font in white with a red background. It provides a refreshing vibe that reminds people to grab a thirst-quenching bottle of soda pop. The makers of Coke certainly hit the jackpot with their stellar branding and cutting-edge video ads. Thankfully, if you want to make your company stand out just like them, you can now rely on an online video editor and its various promo video templates

Since people of the modern world now have reduced attention spans, long blog articles, simple print ads, and boring emails won’t cut it. Thus, if you want your marketing campaigns to succeed, you need engaging video ads that hold a higher chance of being watched until the end. Following the success of Coca-Cola, you can definitely hold your viewers’ attention and amplify the conversion rate. If you have no clue how to get started, take a look at how you can do it easily with digital tools like an online video editor. 

Craft Short But Vibrant Video Ads That Make a Spark

Today, people of the modern world face exposure to around 5,000 ads every single day. Hence, if you want to run video ads on your social media profiles, you will still need to compete with other brands. Therefore, you must find a way to make sure you make an impact in your target audience’s mind. When you optimize the effectiveness of your online video editor, you can make sure that the receivers stop and take notice. Therefore, you must use the following for maximum brand exposure:

  • Pre-designed templates
  • Free photos and video clips
  • Stylish fonts
  • Colors
  • Filters
  • Backgrounds
  • Transitions 
  • Effects

Don’t forget to use these elements to highlight your product or service. With this strategy, everyone will become familiar with what you’re selling. Coca-Cola does this well because every time you see a familiar bottle or red can, you can’t help but reach for this excellent refreshment. Keep it short and on point so you don’t waste your audience’s time. Most of all, combine this with a relatable setting and vibrant personalities on screen. Remember, if viewers get bored with your ads, they will skip it and not hear your full message. However, once they see how funky your short ads are, they feel compelled to see more. 

Start With a Very Clear Message

Though you may have an excellent video editor at your disposal, you can only do so much with the tool based on your storyboard. For this reason, you must begin your video ads with a very clear message. This will ground you as you shoot film footage and edit your work. If you don’t start with the best-laid plans, your video campaign will falter. Thus, for best results, start with clear goals. What are your objectives for creating the ad? Do you want to increase sales, or perhaps you just want to inform them about promotions? 

Since you are creating shorter ads, you have limited time to work with. Consequently, you must come up with a story that has a good structure. The foundation of a great ad rests on the script and storyboard. Remember, you have less time to showcase the context, so everything must be clear right off the bat to avoid confusion. It would help if your ads contain the following elements:

  • Provides sufficient information
  • Appeals to the emotions
  • Offers great recall 
  • Leaves a good impression
  • Contains the right contact information
  • Use music to touch the heart 

Work With a Good Beginning and Impactful Ending

What makes ads successful is when they have a clear beginning and end. When developing your concept, an excellent way to jump-start your ads is to know what you hope to accomplish in the end. When you know how you want things to end, you can properly plan how to get there. For example, you may opt to shoot everything from scratch. With this approach, apart from the script and storyboard, you need to prep the following:

  • Props 
  • Background
  • Setting
  • Actors
  • Lights
  • Microphone 
  • Recording device
  • Music 
  • Costumes 

Alternatively, you can rely on an online video editor. This digital solution has an extensive library of pre-designed templates to make your editing life a breeze. In fact, with this at your disposal, it’s as if you have a whole production design team backing you up. When you use this as your ally, you can readily make video ads without breaking into a sweat. Just drag and drop the elements you want in the video timeline, and you will surely be done in a matter of minutes. You will end up with an amazing clip that grabs attention at the start and retains it all the way until the end. 

Personalize the Video to Strengthen Branding

Though an online video editor makes your video ad production life easy, it doesn’t curtail your freedom and creativity either because you can personalize everything to suit your business’s needs. To illustrate, you can include pictures or clips of the following:

  • Yourself as the company founder
  • Employees
  • Customers using the products
  • Client testimonials 
  • Behind the scenes footage 
  • Logos 
  • Product sample

Just don’t forget to have any actor sign a release form granting your permission to use their names for your video ads. This can potentially save you from a possible headache in the future.

Keep Everything Grounded and Straight to the Point

A good advertising video like Coca-Cola will not last longer than thirty seconds. Keeping it short and sweet makes it more enticing to watch for the modern palette. Besides, shorter ads with a grounded message have more watch times than longer variants. It is also easier to shoot shorter clips and combine them with your online video editor later on. 

Moreover, don’t forget to always include a call to action for every ad. This gives your viewers a reason to check out your landing page or e-commerce site.

Parting Words On Using Online Video Editor To Create Amazing Ads

Keep in mind, creating a great ad that garners visibility boils own to the proper preparation. When you follow these suggestions, you create clarity for your project and increase your chances of success. Most of all, executing your ideas properly will most likely elicit a favorable reaction from the viewers at the receiving end of the message.

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